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Changelog 5/2/2020

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Hello everyone, this is our releasing update; we are proud to present our new StarWars Roleplay server. We hope everyone enjoys our content and features.

Today we will be talking about our Mission systems and Crafting. In this early beta build, User Interfaces are not final and bound to change.

Starting off in the Recruitment room, you might meet this fine gentleman; He will ask you to find two individuals in the base, essentially allowing you to learn the base's layout. This mission will be changed over time.


We have plans for more missions, such as dailies, events, and more!


Mission NPC models may change later-on as well, though for now, we are happy about our shinny clones giving us missions and selling items to us.

In our next section, we have our crafting system. Which allows you to create ammo, other equipment, and weaponry. Of course, you have to earn your resources first; so hit the mines, and start looking for scrap!




We have many more features to show you, but we recommend just trying out the server!

Thank you, and have a wonderful update!

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