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ProjectSteele Star Wars RP 


General Rules

  1. Communication

    1. Racial slurs, race-baiting, and/or prejudice will not be tolerated.

    2. Harassment within or outside of the community will not be tolerated.

    3. Sexual harassment or rape comments will not be tolerated.

    4. Portraying or claiming as a staff when not assigned properly will not be tolerated.

    5. Advertising or defaming the community will not be tolerated, with exceptions:

      • An exception of defaming the community is to improve the community, regarding features and existing bugs.

RP-Specific Rules

  1. Roleplay Standards

    1. Minge or out of roleplay behavior will not be tolerated, while an event is active.

    2. Misbehavior against a superior officer will not be tolerated- This is mostly regimentally controlled.

    3. Misbehavior as an officer, such as demoting, or promoting individuals due to unfair biases will not be tolerated. It is recommended to promote/demote someone by a second opinion in the regiment.

    4. B-Hoping, the action of accelerating a player's speed past the intended speed for that player will not be tolerated.

    5. Clone Orders do not exist in this universe. Therefore, Order 66 does not exist in the timeline, and will not be tolerated. 

    6. Any PvP will be only permitted within the Simulation Rooms when permitted by an Officer and above. But should never exit the Simulation room.

      1. Jedi vs Clone known as "Sith Simulations", and Clone vs Clone are permitted.

Faction Rules 

  1. Shock
    1. RDA is not tolerated, unless under these exceptions:

      1. Escaped Prisoner.

      2. Requested by Commander or Navy personnel. Following Chain of Command.

      3. Entering restricted zones.

    2. All arrests must be documented in the internal systems.

    3. Stun weapons must be only used whenever the suspect flees. This is acceptable when they are baiting.

    4. Shock are permitted to hold their Stun weapon in any Defcon.

  2. Republic Navy 

    1. Control base and ship Operations.

    2. Navy personnel are not permitted to enter battle, with exceptions:

      1. If a battle is to occur, and they are stuck. They enroll as the field commander, and to only defend themselves.

      2. Navy Personnel is only equipped to protect themselves, therefore they do not hold the frontlines.

  3. All Regiments 

    1. Must follow the golden rule, never shoot a brother.

    2. Never travel in hostile territory without a fire team (Officer, and 1 other trooper).

    3. Can only access vehicles, if permitted to via commander, only if that commander is permitted to access that vehicle.


  1. Server Well-being 

    1. Attempting to crash, halt, or increase latency on the server will not be tolerated. This may result in a permanent ban unless permitted by a developer for demonstration reasons.

    2. Exploiting any systems within the community will not be tolerated. Unless permitted by a developer for demonstration reasons.

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