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Johnny Joyal's Attorney General Application

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DOJ Member Application Format!

Johnny Joyal

Driver's License ID: 

Age (IRL): 

What DOJ Role Are You Applying For? (Judge, Lawyer, Clerk, or Baliff, Unless Asked To Apply For Another Role)
Attorney General

What would make you a good DOJ member? (50+ Words)
What makes me a good Department of Justice member is the past experince I have being in the department. I will a judge, lawyer, Attorney General, and the Mayor in the state of Project Steele. I used to go by the name of Oliver Queen but I changed it. I will fight for our city and make the city the best place ever. I will never give up! I will do whatever it takes to make our city great. I have the experience and I will get the effort.

Why have you chosen the DOJ? (50+ Words)
I have chosen the Department of Justice to apply for because I have been law enforcement before. That is not for me in my opinion. I want to help our city from a different angle. I also chose it due to the lots of past experience I have with the department.

Have you had any felonies in the last 3 days?: (If Yes Explain)  

Do you understand that any future crimes will result in you being Removed/Blacklisted?

Do you understand that you can be removed at any time for any reason (Within RP reason)? 

Do you understand that if you lie at any point in time in this application you will be removed and blacklisted from DOJ? 

Anyone That Can Refer You

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