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In-Game Name :Papi Quichen

Discord Name (EX: SWAT#4301) :Mr.Twinkle #9547

Steam ID :STEAM_0:1:106571825

DOB (MM/DD/YYYY) :08/11/02

Region(EU/NA/OCE) :NA

Time on Server:1w 6d 11h

Do you have a working mic? (Required) :Yes

Why do you want to join the Project Steele Staff Team? (150 word minimum) :

I would love to join the Project Steele Staff team,Because I have played this server for a very long time and most people know who i am and Most people like me for the most part.Also I feel like i could really help this server and help people follow rules and be a great role model and really try to improve the role play this server needs not that the server needs it but everything helps.I have good experience with being people friends and everything but that doesn't mean i will favor people i will treat everyone with the respect the give me and i will always make sure everything i do is dealt with correctly and responsively.Also i would like to add that i just saw the server is back up and i will be very active on everyday and helping the community.I hope you guys at project steele staff think i qualify for this role in you're server.

What special skills can you bring to the Staff Team? (50 word minimum😞Skills i can bring to this staff team?I'm very active for starts,Also i'm very friendly to players doesn't mean ill let it get in the way of what need to be on at the moment of action.Also i'm pretty sure i know most of the staff commands like Logs, Noclip ,Ban and Warn.Also I'm a pretty old player to this server and know a lot of people and they know me so i know how some of them act and how to talk and handle a situation with them when the time might come.Also i am a very mature player.I hope u guys like my application and thank you for you're time.

How active are you in a typical week? :6-7days

Have you ever been staff before? :No

Have you ever been banned and/or received warning points? If so, what for? :No

Do you understand that being staff requires you to be mature and unbiased? (Yes/No) :Yes

Do you understand that you must split your time between staff and playing? (Yes/No) :Yes


References: (2 minimum):Jarvis,Vladmir


Additional Notes:I hope u guys like my application and if not so well i shall try again Asap.Thank you for time and have a good rest of your day and have fun.



I, Papi Quichen agree that, if accepted into Trial Moderator, I am held to a higher standard than our regular members, and that I must show respect to all members of the community at all times.

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Confirming reference +1

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+1 Rep,


You seem like a genuine person, and it seems like you would like to be apart of the team, your application was good I would recommend possibly adding more detail within your application other than that it was good. I would love to have you be apart of the staff team within Project Steele. Thank you for taking your time out of your day to submit an application, please wait patiently as higher management will review your application and make a statement whenever they're available.

Good luck with your application.

- Mark Escobar.

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You have been accepted to partake in the interview process.

This does not mean you are accepted as a staff member, please schedule an interview by "@" a Head Admin+ in the Project Steele discord when you are ready.

Please make sure to have a good mic, and internet connection before starting your interview!


@Papi Quichen

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