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Current Name: Lui Montana

New Name: Lui Corleone

What are your plans, if you get into the family?: I plan on doing grunt work. I'll probably group up with other people my status/rank, help each other grind for some money by selling weed which would in the end help the Mafia due to the 10% money give-back. My main goal will be to make, get a good reputation in the mafia and climb the hierarchy ladder. I plan to start off in Narcotics and possibly move to another ring later.

Have you had any other gang experience? (Real or Fictional): Yes I do have gang experience. My father is a Ujier in the Latin King Gang in Philadelphia, that's a MRing position. Due to his status in the Gang, I was bloodline brought into the gang. I have real life experience selling drugs. I know all my measurements and pricings for drugs. When it comes to RP Gangs. I often RP as a Drug Dealer or an Arms dealer, having the real life background to help me make it more realistic. I tend to RP as this on GTA & Gmod RP's.  

How long you plan on staying with us?: I plan on staying on this server for a long time, I found the staff and community to be a nice. If the Mafia continues to have everything I want, which it does right now than I have no plans to leave at all.

Have you ever been associated with any of these families? (Michocoana, Watsons, Morales, Escobars,): No, this will be my first family to ever associate with.

Who do we stand against?: You stand against the Police and rival families like the Escobars.

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