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In-Game Name :

Jeffrey Sinclair

Discord Name (EX: SWAT#4301) :


Steam ID : 



XX/XX/2003 (Not willing to disclose my full date of birth.)

Region(EU/NA/OCE) : EU

Time on Server: Playtime:

1 Week, 13 Hours, 30 minutes

Do you have a working mic? (Required) :


Why do you want to join the Project Steele Staff Team? (150 word minimum) :

I wish to assist with administration and moderation of the Server on the Discord, the forums, and the actual Garry's Mod server. The first thing I saw when I returned was people getting RDMed, or atleast people attempting to RDM, but also the server generally seeming to suffer a lot, with staff actually being online to stop it. This would, both in theory and in the practical sense, lead to players leaving and the server turning desolate, which it seemingly currently is. I want to help counteract this downward spiral which many SantosRP servers have experienced and I want to continue what I started as I used to be a Senior Administrator on this server before.

(Yes, partially copied from my previous application as everything I say here is still valid)

What special skills can you bring to the Staff Team? (50 word minimum) :  

I will be able to bring a few months of experience as Moderator and Administrator of various servers in my time, however in the last two months after I left this server, I have not been able to increase my experience. I will always remain as friendly as possible even when the other party is being an absolute prick and I'm generally a rather cool-headed person which will remain calm in most cases. However, if there is a problem or something on my mind regarding the server or staff, I will not hesitate to bring it up with a higher-up or the rest of the staff team.

How active are you in a typical week? : 

It's hard to say how active I will typically be, as I am not very consistent in this case, however I will be able to be on more than enough during low population hours.

Have you ever been staff before? :

 Yes, even on this server, twice. I left by myself both times.

Have you ever been banned and/or received warning points? If so, what for? : 


Do you understand that being staff requires you to be mature and unbiased? (Yes/No) : 


Do you understand that you must split your time between staff and playing? (Yes/No) : 



References: (2 minimum):

Marcus Newton, Eleanor Doris, possibly Jim Breakpad/Malone, Jack Cole.


Additional Notes:

I'll stay for longer this time. Have a cool GIF as my assurance.




I, richibit agree that, if accepted into Trial Moderator, I am held to a higher standard than our regular members, and that I must show respect to all members of the community at all times.

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Please get in contact with a Head Admin or above, to schedule a staff interview. Please review our current rules, and information and have a steady internet connection before your interview! 


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Welcome Back To the Team

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