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DOJ Member Application 

Name: Jacob L. Harth

Driver's License ID: V814-839-79-668-8

Age (IRL):16

What DOJ Role Are You Applying For? (Judge/Lawyer, Unless Asked To Apply For Another Role).


Why do you want to become a DOJ Member (50 Words)?

I would like to be a defense lawyer in the DOJ due to the mistreatment of many convicts by the sheriff's office. I believe I would be a good fit for the job due to my legal experience. In the court case that I have defended my self in, I have won every time.

Have you had any felonies in the last 3 days?: (If Yes Explain) 

I have not had a felony in 3 days

Do you understand that any future crimes will result in you being Removed/Blacklisted?

I understand

Do you understand that you can be removed at any time for any reason (Within RP reason)?

I understand

Do you understand that if you lie at any point in time in this application you will be removed and blacklisted from DOJ?

I understand

Anyone That Can Refer You? 

Frank Green, James T. Sulivan

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