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Bruce Huffman

Bruce Huffman's Buisness License Application

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Business License Application

Name: Bruce Huffman

Driver's License ID: V584-743-04-286-8

Why do you need a  Business  License?: I would like to be able to sell Weed and Guns legally.

Have you had any felonies in the last 3 days?: No

Why do you want a BUSL ( 150 words): The reason I would like a business license is so I will be able to sell Weed and Firearms to the public, (With the person having the correct licenses). I have been wanting to open up a shop ever since I moved to the city and My friend has always wanted to help me out also. We plan to open up “Bruce’s General Store” in hopes of earning money and being known around the community. I hope that my store will bring joy to the town and a little “high”. I chose to sell guns because I know how it feels when there is no Law Enforcement officer around and someone is trying to rob you and you want to be able to fight back, I hope that my store opens that people will be able to fend for themselves and the reason I would like to sell Marijuana is because I know from experience that Marijuana helps with many different things, Like Migraines and Different types of Pains, which will hopefully relieve some more people. These are the reasons why I want to open up a store.

Business Name: Bruce's General Store

Main Locations: Main Street

Owner: Bruce Huffman

Main Product of Sale(Guns, Weed, Coffee)?: Guns and Weed

Do you understand that any future related felonies can have your license revoked?: 

Do you understand that selling firearms, body Armour or marijuana to unpermitted persons will get your license revoked?: Yes, I understand that if I sell to an unpermitted individual I will get my license revoked.

Do you understand that you take full responsibility for your businesses actions?: Yes, I understand I will take full responsibility for any of my businesses

Do you understand to Sell Marijuana, Guns or Body Armour you must possess the corresponding licenses ( EX.WDL, MDL)? Yes, I understand that I must possess all of the corresponding licenses.

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Please Contact A Member Of The DOJ ToPay your license fee

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