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Found 2 results

  1. Eleanor Dorris

    PD Ammo/Repair Kits

    Topic Title: Server Suggestion Suggestion: Increase On PD Ammo in weapons/Re-Add repair kits Category: Police Department/Sheriff's Department Reason: why should we implement this? We have had repair kits before. I do get that these are the official santos files, but it's not whitelisted server. If we could possibly get those back, that would help us a lot. Ammo kits or increased ammo in weapons for the Sheriffs Department. Currently, it's set to a max of 55 ammo which is 2 clips. Both for the pistol and for the other weapons. If we can increase this to 120 or 160, that would help us out because I have went through 6 ammo boxes everytime I use my weapon. That's why I need to carry 30 ammo boxes in my trunk of my police car.
  2. Eleanor Dorris

    PD vehicle suggestion

    Topic Title: PD vehicle Suggestion  Suggestion: what is it you want to suggest we add? Category: Vehicle Reason: why should we implement this? The reason why you guys should implement this addon is because it will add more vehicles to the police department. It’s a different version of the Dodge Charger with other vehicles in the pack. We can use this for our SOPS and for others to use the vehicle. I think it will work out considering that we only have a few vehicles that are marked.