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    Rocko Valto Mafia Application

    Current Name: Rocko Valto New Name: Rocko Costello (Which sounds fucking dope btw) What would your plans be as a Mafia member? My plans would be to learn the ways of the family and how a mafia runs. Be the most loyal member you have ever seen! Get any task required complete to the absolute best of my god damn ability! Have you had any other gang related experience? Nothing other then doing basic raids on DarkRP servers with a few friends. I guess you could call them a gang? Other then that this would be what would get me into legitimate mafia business and understanding. How long do u plan to stay with us? Till the day I die! As loyal as can be. Have you ever been associated with any other families? (In game) Nope! Who stand in our way? The government We can make them weak if we are required too Other then that N-O-B-O-D-Y!!!
  2. Medical Marijuana License Application Name: Rocko Valto Driver's License ID: V-254-565-51-562-1 Why do you need a Medical Marijuana License?: My father Mr.Chan has glockoma (lol idk RP) and I am the only one (His Son) that is able to go and pick it up for him and set everything to relieve his pain. Have you had any felonies in the last 3 days?: Nope! If so what for?: Nope! Do you understand that any future drug related charges can have your license revoked?: I fully understand Do you understand that you will need to pay a $25,000 licensing fee to the DOJ Offical?: I understand!