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  1. Weapon Distribution License Application Name: Jordan Todd Driver's License ID: V419-940-75-436-2 Why do you need a Weapon Distribution License?: I would like a weapon distribution license for many reasons. I would like to start up my own business manufacturing fire arms. I wanna keep my community's streets safe, but i wanna keep they safe the right and legal way. I am very experienced with fire arms and would love to make a living out of it. I will run back ground checks and make sure these fire arms are going to the right people. Have you had any felonies in the last 3 days?: No If so what for?: N/A Do you understand that any future gun related felonies can have your license revoked?: Yes Do you understand that selling firearms to unpermitted persons will get your license revoked?: Yes Do you understand that you will need to pay a $65,000 licensing fee to the Attorney General?: Yes