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    Differently the kind of staff this community needs. Some people just don't learn
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    Andrew Freeman Trial Moderator Application

    I personally do NOT think someone with this attitude can be a good member of the staff team. In this situation, he shows complete disrespect to myself. Braking various rules that a staff member is supposed to enforce and know such as not being in TAC channel as a Police Officer, Combat Logging, Disrespect towards another member of the community. I was told by a Captain who was on the channel to arrest him for impersonating a cop. On my way to go on-duty, he comes to the stating and hops off duty. I go on duty told him to stop and well the video speaks for it'self. He then hops into the TAC channel and starts to threaten me saying he will get me fired. As I type this, this happened - I personally do not think he would make a good addition to the staff team.