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  1. Archan Rose

    Benjamin Knox vs TCSO

    I've decided to close this case, all judges left as well as Mr. Knox, so we will not be proceeding with this case. It nah be brought up again in the future however.
  2. Archan Rose

    TCSO v Michael Mikvik (Posted on behalf of)

    Prosecution would be the person suing, not defense.
  3. Archan Rose

    Vladimir Morales Lawyer App

    -1 -Convicted Felon -Unprofessional -Cartel member
  4. Archan Rose

    i am looking for help

    Under the DOJ section, you should be able to file for expungement in the "Court Cases" subforum. You may however want to speak with a judge beforehand to make sure everything is in order.
  5. Archan Rose

    i am looking for help

    What kind of help?
  6. Archan Rose

    Benjamin Knox vs TCSO

    @Jay Vasari @Rafael Sortanato I would like to request your body cam footage in regards to a court case. If you do not provide it, this can and will be elevated to respective command or IA. If no footage is given before the case, it can and will be inadmissible in court. Thank you for your cooperation! ~Archan Rose Esq.
  7. Archan Rose

    Symere Ford - Trial Moderator Application

  8. Archan Rose

    Symere Ford - Trial Moderator Application

    -1 Lots of issues with you.
  9. Archan Rose

    Weapon Distribution License

    On Hold. You do not have licenses to own weapons, therefore being unable to sell any. Once you attain at least a C1WL this will be re-reviewed.
  10. Archan Rose

    Bruce Huffman's Medical Marijuania License Application

    Accepted. Please speak to me ingame for your processing fee and validation of license
  11. Archan Rose

    Mayson Bates Lawsuit

    Thank for for your submission. Please give time for the evidence to be reviewed by the DOJ's judicial staff and we will have you in court shortly. One issue, failure to follow department policy cannot be a reason for a lawsuit, you must take that up with S.O. command staff.
  12. Archan Rose

    John Melo/Jamie Lynn Marriage License

    Congrats. Topic now locked and moved to accepted sub.
  13. Archan Rose

    Vladimir Escobar body armor permit

    A body armor permit is no longer required in the county of Truenorth. Application is now void.
  14. Archan Rose

    Vladimir Escobar Weapons distribution license

    Accepted. Please speak to me in game to pay the licensing fee.
  15. Archan Rose

    Vladimir Escobar class 3 permit

    This application is on hold until you attain a class 2 license.