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  1. Jake Thompson

    Strict - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 This app was well thought out and seems that he is qualified for this position
  2. Jake Thompson

    Jake's Mafia Application

    Thomas Family - Application Format Current Name: Jake Thompson New Name: Jake T. Thomas What are your plans, if you get into the family?: My plans are to provide my loyal and trustworthiness service to the Mafia. As well as my caring to my fellow Brotherns that are in need. Have you had any other gang experience? (Real or Fictional): Fictional Yes How long you plan on staying with us?: A long long time Have you ever been associated with the cartel? Never Who do we stand against?: Cartel or anyone who messes with the Mafia
  3. Jake Thompson

    Jake Stoneheart's Marijuana Liecense app

    Name: Jake Stoneheart Driver's License ID: v226-926-62-532-4 Why do you need a Medical Marijuana License?: I am a grandpa and i need relevive to stress from my children and grandchildren Have you had any felonies in the last 3 days?: No If so what for?: Stress and Anxiety Do you understand that any future drug related charges can have your license revoked?: Yes Do you understand that you will need to pay a $27,000 licensing fee to the DOJ Offical?: Yes