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  1. Mal

    A ton of shit - Server SuggestionS

    I appreciate your input.
  2. Mal

    A ton of shit - Server SuggestionS

    Thank you for your input, I can see this point of view very well and if I did read it correctly this should fall under the category 5 that I covered regarding a non-caring team.
  3. I understand a template is required but I have decided to make it much simpler! Suggestion 1 - Add More ATM's around the map. This map only consist of a few ATM's that are ONLY located in the bank, this is a huge inconvenience for all players needing to go and grab cash or deposit. Suggestion 2 - Fix Car Handling The car's are a game of bumper cars and slip and slide. They are very unstable and unrealistic and need some major repairs to their control base. Suggestion 3 - Fix the Police Activity and Professionalism The police force has little force that is present and when they are present they tend to be very unprofessional. Your force needs to be more mature and actually has a serious system going for it otherwise crime will just be the dominant factor in this server. Suggestion 4 - Lower Prices of vehicle repair items The prices of engine overhauls and tires are extremely priced for the current economy system that is in place. It would be way more effective if they were lowered to a more reasonable price. Suggestion 5 - Have a caring team I cannot confirm that this is fully true but I would love to see a caring team for their server, Garry's Mod may not be a very fun game for the management but then why would you be here in the first place, you need a dedicated team that is actually going to do their job for what they were given. Friends are not business, giving friends ranks are setup for disaster if they are not ready for business Suggestion 6 - Expensive Cooking Food The food to cook is EXPENSIVE! A goldfish is $200+. These are the list of things that not only be suggested by me but many other people.