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    In-Game Name : Bryce McKrackin Discord Name (EX: SWAT#4301) : Bryce Crispy #3046 Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:166695490 DOB (DD/MM/YYYY) : 25/05/2003 Region(EU/NA/OCE) : NA Time on Server: 1d 3h 15m 34s As of writing this, 1d 11h 44m 24s as of now Do you have a working mic? (Required) : Yes Why do you want to join the Project Steele Staff Team? (150-word minimum) : I've been staff on many other Santos RP servers. I enjoy helping others out on the server and I try to take as many sits as I possibly can. I find much enjoyment from Santos servers and I like to see them thrive and grow, I want to help them do that, that's why I'm applying, I want to help others and see the community grow even more then it already has. I've been the backbone of other communities that have since shut down after I left, some of which include Archer Networks, FSN Astoria and many others. I love helping communities grow and thrive while everyone is having fun. I am quite active, especially in hours people aren't usually on being that I am usually free unless there is school. I can play at any time that there isn't school or holiday etc. and I can help out whenever I am free. What special skills can you bring to the Staff Team? (50 word minimum) : I have a lot of experience with being Staff on Santos Servers and am unbias when it comes to staff situations, including with my friends. I know just about all the commands needed for staff situations etc. I don't abuse when I know I've broken a rule, usually by accident, I warn myself. I take full responsibility for my actions when need be. How active are you in a typical week? : At least every other day if not more Have you ever been staff before? : Yes basically all servers where Philip was staff Have you ever been banned and/or received warning points? If so, what for? : No Do you understand that being staff requires you to be mature and unbiased? (Yes/No) : Yes Do you understand that you must split your time between staff and playing? (Yes/No) : yes References: Philip McKrackin & Eleanor D. Additional Notes: I've made other Gmod servers grow, and due to me being the backbone on that server, when I left, it died soon after. Agreement: I, (Bryce) agree that, if accepted into Trial Moderator, I am held to a higher standard than our regular members, and that I must show respect to all members of the community at all times.