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  1. Obese Abbas

    Completely Free Speech

    Y'all need to let us say the n-word and stuff, there is an extent to saying it though EG: Running around just yelling the n-word or spamming ooc with the n-word. It would be good if we could call out friends or people we see on the street whatever we want without them calling an admin for disrespect or discrimination, it is an RP server after all
  2. Full Legal Name: Abbas Ibn Sultan Al Rashidi Ibn Mohammed Al Mazdood Al Azmi Partners Full Legal Name: Emil Matasareanu How long have yall been a couple:15 years Do you understand you must support each other financially: Yes. Do you agree to follow the terms and agreements of the marriage: Yes. Do you agree to pay the fine of 6,000$ for this permit: Yes. Do you understand that this permit does not give you the 10,000$ name change for your wedding: Yes.   This permit will give you the right to marry to male on male, female on female and traditional male and female I [Abbas Ibn Sultan Al Rashidi Ibn Mohammed Al Mazdood Al Azmi] Agree to all legal terms and agreements.
  3. Obese Abbas

    I am making my return

    who tf r u and where u at rn?
  4. In-Game Name : Abbas Al Azmi Discord Name (EX: SWAT#4301) : Abbas#0384 Steam ID : STEAM_1:0:141370594 DOB (DD/MM/YYYY) : 10/03/2003 Region(EU/NA/OCE) : EU/NA Time on Server: Like 3-4 days Do you have a working mic? (Required) : Yes, I do Why do you want to join the Project Steele Staff Team? (150-word minimum) : I want to join the project Steele staff team because I've always loved the staff team and I always wanted to contribute to it and basically help out the community. I know a lot about santosrp in a players point of view and I could help out the new players that join the server whether that is helping with gmod or help with SantosRP, I can teach them the basics, a few tips or tricks and so on. I also can suggest a lot of ideas when I brainstorm and overall I think I would be a great fit. What special skills can you bring to the Staff Team? (50-word minimum) : I am trilingual and I can talk to foreign people that join the server and inform them that this is an english server and if they dont speak english they need to disconnect, I also have a lot of experience staffing on santosrp and gmod in general How active are you in a typical week? : 8-9 hours a day unless i have basketball practice, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Have you ever been staff before? : yes on multiple gmod servers. Have you ever been banned and/or received warning points? If so, what for? : i have no warning nor bans/ Do you understand that being staff requires you to be mature and unbiased? (Yes/No) : yes Do you understand that you must split your time between staff and playing? (Yes/No) : yes References: no one Additional Notes: I shoot 3's in basketball in my Hyperdunks Offwhite Agreement: I, (Abbas) agree that, if accepted into Trial Moderator, I am held to a higher standard than our regular members, and that I must show respect to all members of the community at all times.
  5. Obese Abbas

    Zillians' Cartel App

    What is your name? Zillian Ford What is you current age (D.O.B.)?: *IRL* 17 October 3 2001 *Character* 20 December 31 1998 What is your Time Zone or Country you live in?: I live in Turkey. Do you have any Felonies and or Warrants on your record?: No warrants, no felonies either. What is your Gun Smithing Level?: 11 What is your Stamina Level?: 5 What is your Chemistry Level?: 1 Why do you wish to join the cartel and what job/occupation do you wish to be apart of(Soldier or Drug Cultivator)?: I would like to join the cartel as a Soldier because i'm rich and i can help fund the cartel. Also i go that good ass aim, u feel dawg? Do you have any past kills and or deaths you have made happen you wish to speak about?: I killed the 4+ cops with a Glock.... http://prntscr.com/nu50jx You do know that you may not SPEAK about this job, the job you are now going to if you hear one person say “Cartel” you get to members and you go after them. We do not allow our name to be spoken about by the normal civilians: Yes. I do understand. Do you understand that if you are accepted your soul, body, and mind is in control and taken by us and you may not leave unless given permission by one of the higher ups in this job you are applying for? ( Failure to Follow will result in your termination): Yes, I do understand. Sign Here: Zillian Ford
  6. Obese Abbas

    Lawerence Corleone - Trial Moderator Application