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    Comp request

    Please make a Compensation request in the correct format. Thanks!
  2. Alex Canton

    Alex Canton's Staff Application

    APPLICANT IG NAME *: Alex Canton DISCORD NAME & ID *: <a>Turtle</a>#0011 STEAM PROFILE LINK *: FORUMS PROFILE LINK: DATE OF BIRTH *: 11/05/2002 TIMEZONE *: EST OWNED VIP RANK *: N/A PLAYTIME ON SERVER *: I currently have four days, 14 hours on the server total. ACCESS TO A WORKING MIC *: Yes. HAVE YOU PREVIOUSLY BEEN A STAFF MEMBER ON ANY PROJECT STEELE SERVER? *: No, this is my first time applying. STAFF EXPERIENCE *: I believe I have ample experience being staff on many servers including my own which I had over 300 people in the community. From personal experience, Users can be difficult and dedicated to trying to torment staff and/or other users. I believe you always have to keep your cool when dealing with these types of players, as you want to set an example for the whole community on how to handle those situations. ARE YOU CURRENTLY HOLDING A STAFF POSITION IN A DIFFERENT COMMUNITY? *: No, I don't play on any other servers. WILL YOU BE ACTIVE ON THE SERVER UPON RECEIVING A STAFF POSITION? *: Of course, I'm almost always on every day. HAVE YOU EVER HAD NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE WITH PROJECT STEELE STAFF? *: No, of course not. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN WARNED, BANNED, OR KICKED IN SANTOS RP? *: No, I am a role model player in this community! ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE INTERVIEW PROCESS? *: Yes.
  3. Alex Canton

    Completely Free Speech

    Hell no. Report them for FailRP. That's not allowed (Unless you are being toxic). And people, please, stop arguing in ooc. take that shit to your DM's. I agree with you. But it is up to staff members to determine if you have taken it too far. If you get punished for something like that, make an appeal.
  4. Alex Canton

    Sandy Saint - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Great RolePlayer, 10/10.