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  1. Mark Escobar

    PapiQuichen-Trial Moderator Resume

    Reputation: +1 Rep, You seem like a genuine person, and it seems like you would like to be apart of the team, your application was good I would recommend possibly adding more detail within your application other than that it was good. I would love to have you be apart of the staff team within Project Steele. Thank you for taking your time out of your day to submit an application, please wait patiently as higher management will review your application and make a statement whenever they're available. Good luck with your application. - Mark Escobar.
  2. Mark Escobar

    Possible Future Server Addons

    Reputation: +1 Rep, All of these addons, seem very realistic and would definitely add to the realism to the server, however many of these addons would take time to get used too, it also would make it a lot harder on the newer players to the server as they would have to take time to figure out the mechanics/controls, but I am all for them as it would add a lot more variety to the server as well. This would make it a lot better of a role playing experience and Id love to see these addons implemented in game. - Mark Escobar.
  3. Mark Escobar

    Papi Quichenz-Trial Moderator Application

    Reputation: +1 Rep, I personally haven’t seen you on the server before, but you could’ve possibly changed your name, and or just started playing again, but I feel as though you’d be a good fit for the team. I would also like to point out the spelling, and grammar mistakes, we all make mistakes which is normal, but I would suggest correcting the mistakes/errors, as it will add a lot more professionalism to your application, other than that It’s a decent application, and it looks like you’re very serious about putting time and dedication towards Project Steelee, and that’s what we are looking for, so thank you and, Goodluck on your application. - Mark Escobar.
  4. Mark Escobar

    El Cartel - Update

    Hello, As you may know, finally The Godfather has passed away, this gives El Cartel a wide advantage on everything in the city, may it be guns, drugs, and or regular business. I am very happy about this occurrence as it helps us, and allows us to get many more things done within True North, I’m sure they’ll be another GodFather soon, but as of now! We run this City! (Mess with the best, die like the rest!) Thank You, Capo, Mark Escobar.
  5. Mark Escobar

    Vladimir Escobar Staff App

    Reputation: - Neutral, Vladimir is a nice, respectful player. I’ve seen him on the server on many different occasions, and I decided to make this neutral due to the past experience as staff, I’d love to have you on the team as long as you’re doing your job and putting your time, and dedication into your job, and into the server. You were also fired, which isn’t a good sign, and definitely doesn’t help your case, and I cannot tell you if you’re going to get accepted, and or denied. If you’re accepted make sure to read all necessary SOP’s, Punishment Guides etc, to ensure your permanent placement within the staff team. I wish you goodluck :)! - Mark Escobar
  6. Mark Escobar

    Vladis Cartel App

    Accepted! Your El Cartel Application Has Been Accepted. Please, change your last name to "Escobar", and ask for the discord roles, including the El Cartel whitelist. Please If You have any questions, ask I'm here to help. bienvenido al hermano de la familia.
  7. Mark Escobar

    Zillians' Cartel App

    Accepted! Your El Cartel Application Has Been Accepted. Please, change your last name to "Escobar", and ask for the discord roles, including the El Cartel whitelist. Please If You have any questions, ask I'm here to help. bienvenido al hermano de la familia.
  8. Mark Escobar

    Mark Escobar - El Cartel Information

    Cartel Updates Announcements : many of you may not even know that I am the new [El Cartel Capo]. Dan himself resigned as he is going to become a part of the True North Sheriff's Department. Keep in my mind, I am new here at running a big organization but I will try my best too run the El Cartel to the best of my capabilities. FYI: I’ll be checking in game, and the roster for player activity if you’re not active, you’ll be warned beforehand but you’ll receive a kick. If you’re already active then that’s great. I might even have everyone who is active message me confirming their activity, and confirming if they’d like to stay within the Cartel. Promotions: If you’re active, and growing drugs, doing Cartel related things I will possibly be generous and give out Promotions to the members who are the most active, and who enjoy being in the Cartel. Joining process: If you’re looking to join the Cartel you can speak to me, and or ask a [Sicarios+] if you could join, you will have to fill out an application. The application template is posted within the Cartel area of the forums. Fill out an application, and whenever I’m free I’ll take a look at it and decide. By Joining the Cartel: you will have access to a whole wack load of free weapons, Cartel protection, and a personal Cartel vehicle. (Sedan) and you’ll also receive an increased value in Narcotics. You must also keep this in mind: By joining the Cartel, you will get lots of money, drugs, and rewards, also Cartel is not all about the crime. Just because you’re in this doesn’t mean you should act better than anyone, and target cops & people. If you’re threatening people and telling them you’re apart of the Cartel you’ll be removed. Want an organization, want a new family? by joining you’re given protection by those who’re within in the Cartel. Thank you, for taking time to review information about the El Cartel, Hope to see some of you join. ~ Mark Escobar.
  9. Mark Escobar

    Greg Escobar (Harisson) - Staff Application

    Reputation: +1 Rep, I've worked with Greg Escobar before in past server's, he understands how to manage sit's, and has past experience's I am also confirming myself as a reference on this application. He's a very experienced player and I'd love to have him be a part of this lovely community. Thank you for applying good luck on your application. ~ Mark Escobar
  10. Mark Escobar

    Richard Brooks - Trial Moderator Application

    Reputation: +1 Rep, your application is good, you seem like you’re really trying to help out the community, and you’ve had past experience which is nice. You seem like a very nice person, and I feel like you would fit well on the team. If you’re active, and seriously are here to help grow the community, then I fully agree with your decision on becoming apart of the staff team. Thank you for taking time out of your day to fill out an application to take part in the community, and staff team. Good luck, Mark Escobar.
  11. Mark Escobar

    Mark Escobar - Body Armor License

    Name: Mark Escobar Driver's License ID: V758-244-51-426-3 Why do you need a Body Armor License?: For my own protection, theirs been a lot of crime and activities happening within the city, and I just wanna feel and be more protected. Have you had any felonies in the week?: (N/A) If so what for?: (N/A) Do you understand that any future felony charges can have your license revoked?: Yes, fully understand. Do you understand that you will need to pay a 35,000 licensing fee to the DOJ Offical?: Yes
  12. Mark Escobar

    Bryce McKrackins Trial Mod App

    Reputation: Neutral: Seems like a very genuine unbiased player, personally, haven’t seen him myself.. but seems, and sounds like he has past experience with being apart of many different communities as a fellow staff member. We need well-experienced staff members within the team and I would love to work with you myself... Application Tips: I would recommend before posting your application(s) that you re-read and go an edit possible spelling and grammar mistakes. By doing so I’m sure it’ll boost your chancing and make your application more professional sounding application. Good luck, Mark Escobar
  13. Mark Escobar

    Sandy Saint - Trial Moderator Application

    Reputation: Neutral, Your application is good, but... I feel like you could put a lot more detail, and time into your application. It’s lacking a lot of detail which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.. But it makes it harder for the Staff Team to make a proper decision. If you were to add more detail, and spent more time editing your application etc, it would turn out a lot nicer, and it would make your application look better. Also, getting a few references would definitely add to the application. Without proper staff references it shows us that you’re just trying to get a lot of (+1 Rep’s), to boost the chances of you getting accepted. If you add more detail, and prove to us why you would be more fit than others on the staff team, I would say you have a pretty good chance of being accepted. Goodluck. FYI: I do not suggest replying on your application other than reacting to other(s) replies.
  14. Mark Escobar

    Lawerence Corleone - Trial Moderator Application

    Reputation: +1 Rep, pretty good application I honestly would add more detail, and really go into why, and how you’re more fit for the position than others etc, other than that its a great application.
  15. Mark Escobar

    Mark Escobar - Class 2 Firearms Permit

    Name: Mark Escobar Driver's License ID: V758-244-51-426-3 Why do you need an Class 2 Weapons License?: For my own protection, so i can rely on a weapon that can help me in serious death threatening situations.. Have you had any felonies in the last 3 days?: No If so what for?: None Do you understand that any future gun related felonies can have your license revoked?: Yes Do you understand that you will need to pay a $40,000 licensing fee to the Attorney General?: Yes