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  1. Mark Mendonca

    El Cartel Application Template

    El Cartel Application What is your name? What is you current age (D.O.B.)?: What is your Time Zone or Country you live in?: Do you have any Felonies and or Warrants on your record?: What is your Gun Smithing Level?: What is your Stamina Level?: What is your Chemistry Level?: Why do you wish to join the cartel and what job/occupation do you wish to be apart of(Soldier or Drug Cultivator)?: Do you have any past kills and or deaths you have made happen you wish to speak about?: You do know that you may not SPEAK about this job, the job you are now going to if you hear one person say “Cartel” you get to members and you go after them. We do not allow our name to be spoken about by the normal civilians: Do you understand that if you are accepted your soul, body, and mind is in control and taken by us and you may not leave unless given permission by one of the higher ups in this job you are applying for? ( Failure to Follow will result in your termination): Sign Here: Thanks for applying my young trainees
  2. Mark Mendonca

    Dan Nigeria's Cartel App

    You are all good. I need someone like you with me to start these days.
  3. Mark Mendonca

    New Santos RP Job (Cartel)

    The name's Mark Mendonca, old man in town and criminal that knows the ways of the streets. I am a man of killings, I know how to torture the men that don't know how to keep their mouth's shut and how to mess up the drug trade especially with the weapons. The life of a criminal is hard but if you know how to work your way around the feds and the cops of Truenorth life is nothing but a breeze. The only people you have to worry about is the Mafia. The Mafia in the town think they are the big cheese of the county. But the Cartel is one of the few who don't believe this and find this not true. The distant cartel leaders had lost their positions and it's time for a new strong leader to take place and show the citizens, police, and mostly the Mafia who truly runs the city and who they think they should not mess with. I'm a man with many people who like to kill, grow, and build weapons just for the satisfaction of killing their enemies with new forces. As a man of worth and strength it seems to be I have come from Rockford City and into this one. I know the people and I know how they work, how to manipulate them, and possibly even get them to work for the Cartel under our respect and our protection. The easiest way is power and force. The county as we know it should be held by the Cartel and only the Cartel. Nothing more nothing less. As a single person you can conquer one person, but as a group you can conquer an entire city if you work together which the Mafia and Law Enforcement cannot due. I am Mark Mendonca, hopefully the new Cartel Leader of the City. To the Corleones, watch your back if I truly do become the new leader, because I am coming for you and your filthy drugs.
  4. Suggestion: I feel like more clothing would be a great and new idea to the server. Right now the clothing for the civilians ranges from rags to suits. Civilians don't just wear suits in a city all the time, I would like to see maybe some hoodies, camo clothing, casual clothes, anything of the sort that doesn't make you look like a hobo or a rich asshole. If I am to make a gang I want clothing not to be the worst but not to be rich ones. I want something that can be outstanding in a gunfight but different than the others. To me, if you do this and add "Custom Clothing" it may rack up a bit of the player count. This may cost money but for the sake of the server, I know lots of people would love this change if it did happen. Category: Clothing / Server Suggestion Reason: As I said in my suggestion it would be a good way to rack up some players and maybe even get some people to change up their look and have more diversity in the city than people with only suits on walking down the street and getting in shoot outs.
  5. Mark Mendonca

    Remove Bullet Proof Vests!

  6. Mark Mendonca

    Papi Watson-Trial Moderator-01/26/19-ProjectSteele(SantosRP)

    +1 I enjoy your presence as a member of our community and I think you will do great things for this server. Good Luck! - Administrator Mark Mendonca
  7. Mark Mendonca

    John Marshall - Trial Moderator - 01/26/2019

    Neutral Reference Confirm John Marshal, I have not seen you on or really you are semi-active and it may bother the staff but I do think you can be a very good addition to the team if you stepped up your performance of the activity you should be getting. Good luck! - Administrator Mark
  8. Mark Mendonca

    Eleanor Dorris Trial Moderator Application| 1/26/2019

    +1 & Reference Confirm Eleanor Dorris can be a little off at times and maybe a bit of a hot head at large situations but I think this member of our community needs to be apart of our Staff Team. Good luck! - Administrator Mark
  9. Mark Mendonca

    John Watson - Trial Moderator - 1/26/2019

    -1 John Watson, I have seen you and plenty of people doing mingy acts and cop-baiting all the time. Maybe if you change your ways till the next application then I will make this neutral or a +1. - Administrator Mark Mendonca
  10. Mark Mendonca

    Ryan Andrews- Staff App

    +1 Look, Ryan, we have had our differences and some bad things I have heard from you but I truly do feel like you deserve a second chance. It truly is something I never would have done if I truly did not think someone had a true meaning to be a part of this staff team. Good luck! - Administrator Mark
  11. Mark Mendonca

    Nicholas Kelly- Trial Moderator  - 01/25/2019- SantosRP

    +1 & Reference Confirm Nicholas Kelly is a very well respected member in our police department. He has done some things wrong but for the most part, he has never been severely punished or done anything majorly wrong. I think this member of our community needs to be apart of our Staff Team. Good luck! - Administrator Mark
  12. Mark Mendonca

    Todd Howard Staff app 1/25/19

    +1 Keith. Me and you have our times but when you truly do aim at a task you can achieve it and you do very well. I will give you my plus one and hope it gets you into the staff team.
  13. Mark Mendonca

    Doe's TMOD Application [ 19/01/08 ]

    +1 This member of our server is a very good and well-known person in our server. He likes to help players in-game and even in the police department. It comes to me that he shows a very good time and effort as he put into the server and it is something we really could use in the server. I confirm my reference for this application. Good Luck! - Admin Mark.
  14. Mark Mendonca

    Lenny Butches Trial Moderator 1/7/19 SantosRP

    -1 I do enjoy you as a member if the TCSO but to me, I do not feel like you are a good person to be considered staff. I have nothing against you but from some of the things I have seen it is not the best. Maybe the next time we need staff this will change or you can truly prove to me that you are what it takes to be staff I will change this. Good Luck! - Admin Mark
  15. Mark Mendonca

    Thomas Hatton Trial mod Santos RP 01/07/2019

    Netrual I do enjoy your presence in the game and you are not a bad guy. I like to see you in-game and you can be very helpful, but your application does not seem to be the best or Grammatically correct I have seen. Maybe touch up on it and fix it up with some hard work and effort and I will change to a +1 or keep it neutral. On your application, it says you are on every day or every other day. I have not seen you on from what you say. Maybe if you step up your activity I will change this. I understand people have lives but you do also have to be active in this community as well. Good Luck! - Admin Mark