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    Suggestion Format

    Help us enhance our services and share your suggestion. We want to know your suggestions for new content and for changes to the Project Steele Community. If you think something we have implemented now needs to be changed please specify in your suggestion below. --- (Title) : Suggestion - Server Suggestion Suggestion (What should we add?) : Category (terrain, vehicle, weaponry, addons, etc.) : Reason (Why should we add this?) : --- POLLS MUST BE ADDED TO EVERY SUGGESTION. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE TEMPLATE - YOUR SUGGESTION WILL BE DENIED. PLEASE LOOK IN THE PROCESSED THREAD IF YOUR SUGGESTION HAS ALREADY BEEN SUGGESTED BEFORE POSTING!
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    Ban Appeals

    Name (First, Last) : Steam ID : Ban Length : Staff Member Who Banned You : What lead to you receiving the punishment? (150 word minimum) : Dispute :
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    Warning Appeal Format

    Name (First, Last) : Staff Member Who Issued The Warning : What were you warned for? : Why should the points be removed? (50 character minimum) : Steam ID : Evidence, if any :