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    Chief Application - Jacob Matterson

    Good evening: As is well aware, I am applying for the position of chief in the TCFR Department. As you will know I have much experience in the fire service. I have been a member of the fire department in various communities for going on three years now. I am a real life volunteer fireman, with the training and certifications to be an interior firefighter. I have extensive knowledge of the inner workings and operations of an actual fire department. I have plans for changes and for new and exciting things for the fire department. I am in the works of redesigning the skins for all of the engines and for new player models for the members of the department. I have a database and an SOP and I will list them below. I feel that what makes me better then the other candidates is that because of my real world knowledge I can effectively command, operate, and maintain the fire department in a professional manner. If I do not get the position, I plan to give my full service and dedication to whoever does. To my other candidates; good luck, and may the best man win. Database: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Lwn4YkMVc03eNNidQmD32xC1QsjeRpKWM80VXD1pSIY/edit?usp=sharing SOPs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1adLJDev-rLGbN3h_fevRKmyA_8wfwc6URVei6c6lhlg/edit?usp=sharing @Gus Gunner @Pat Valentine