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    TrueNorth City Police Department (TCPD) - Application Format [ Section 1 - Personal Info ( Required ) ] Given Name: Sam Surname: Conway Date of Birth (Real-Life): 05/10/1996 Time Zone: UK / EU Prefered Language: English Drivers License ID: V578-142-69-663-6 [ Section 2 - Question & Answer ( Required ) ] Why do you want part of the Truenorth City Police Department? : i want to be in pd because i been through every government apartment apart from pd so that is why i'm' here and i want to be apart of something new What makes you better than the next person in line? : i'm better as i got more experience in teamwork and multitasking as i got most of it in fd and got so high up in fd that i became deputy cheif Where do you plan on standing within 6 months of being in this department? : to be a successful officer of the law and let people look up to me Have you ever had any experience in the field of law enforcement? : no i do not Do you know anyone who can recommend you to the TCPD? : @Pat Valentine Will you successfully pass a background check? (Felony's, Misdemeanors, Charges) : clean as a whistle [ Section 3 - Sign Off ( Required ) ] I promise, as a member of the TCPD I will always give my 100%, and be serious and professional at all times. I promise, as a member of the TCPD I will not slander another officer or my superiors. I understand that being part of this department, I must go thru excessive amounts of training when first being appointed my duty as a cadet & officer of the TCPD. I understand that I may be Blacklisted / Demoted / Striked (0+/3) / Removed from the department if I don't follow orders given from my higher-ups, or don't follow legal city laws, or abuse my job. I understand that joining this PD, That anything I do off duty may impact my employment (crimes, charges, reputation, etc..) I understand that I must follow all commands from my superiors & always ask questions if in doubt of something. I understand that if I'm am not active enough, it will lead to a demotion of rank or blacklist. I understand all these rules and will follow them without any questions asked. [ S.conway]