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  1. Randy Koffman

    El Cartel Applicaton

    @Jordan Morales About 4 days ago
  2. Randy Koffman

    El Cartel Applicaton

    My personal note on this @Jordan Morales , Hart Vasari was dissing the cartel saying how you guys are a bunch of admin suck ups and do nothing but minge
  3. Randy Koffman

    Andrew Freeman Trial Moderator Application

    Who put that as my signature? are you serious?
  4. Randy Koffman

    Andrew Freeman Trial Moderator Application

    @Pedro T. good spelling and I don't care anymore, this server will just go to shit like last time because of the staff. I'd like to remove my application from this server since I've now noticed the biased, rule-breaking staff members that back up each other
  5. Randy Koffman

    Andrew Freeman Trial Moderator Application

    @Pedro T. I hope you understand you just posted the video on my staff application where you job abused and failed to initiate properly as a Sheriffs Deputy
  6. Randy Koffman

    Andrew Freeman Trial Moderator Application

    @John MoralesI was unbanned due to it being a false ban/warn since the user failed to initiate and job abused to arrest me!
  7. Randy Koffman

    Andrew Freeman Trial Moderator Application

    John Morales, I was trying to leave the server when this guy job abused and failed to initiate. So yeah I left the server.
  8. Randy Koffman

    Andrew Freeman Trial Moderator Application

    Thank you @Jack Cole for your input on me and the reputation towards my staff application
  9. Randy Koffman

    Andrew Freeman Trial Moderator Application

    In-Game Name : Andrew Freeman Discord Name (EX: SWAT#4301) : BoomerdeBeast#9035 Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:79493880 DOB (MM/DD/YYYY) : 12/21/2000 Region(EU/NA/OCE) : NA Time on Server: (Played since last year) Do you have a working mic? (Required) : Yes Why do you want to join the Project Steele Staff Team? (150 word minimum) : Well I have been around with this community for about a year and would enjoy staffing and assisting players, most players call for staff and usually, they are busy or currently in a roleplay situation. I promise to staff for 50% of my time on this server and perform the best of my abilities. I and my friend, Benjamin play on this server when we are free from work or either working on our TTT server (Revolt Networks | Trouble in Terrorist Town) we both noticed that this server was back up and had a lot of fun. Since I've been staffing for almost five years (Mostly owning and being an upper management figure) I really enjoy helping and assisting and being that person people can go to for any type of assistance. I can tell you one thing that you will not be disappointed by bringing me into the staff team, I hope you guys take me into consideration as a team member in your community and server(s) What special skills can you bring to the Staff Team? (50 word minimum) : I have been staffing for almost five years and with that, I have a bunch of staffing related and LUA knowledge. I've staffed mostly for DARKRP but have been an Administrator for "defcon santos" and I currently own and manage, a trouble in terrorist town server (Revolt Networks). I have used ULX and all types of logs for years and will be a very good asset to your community. I would love to help the community and our server, thank you! How active are you in a typical week? : Every day for two to four hours at least Have you ever been staff before? : Yes, I have been staffing for years and as well have staffed on Defconnations SantosRP as an Administrator and was very well respected Have you ever been banned and/or received warning points? If so, what for? : No Do you understand that being staff requires you to be mature and unbiased? (Yes/No) : Yes Do you understand that you must split your time between staff and playing? (Yes/No) : Yes References: (2 minimum): Jack Cole, Turtle, Josh, SWAT, Additional Notes: I am 19 years old, I have a dog named molly and I like Dominos Alfredo Pasta Agreement: I, (Andrew Freeman) agree that, if accepted into Trial Moderator, I am held to a higher standard than our regular members, and that I must show respect to all members of the community at all times.
  10. Randy Koffman

    Symere Ford - Trial Moderator Application

    -1 horrible person
  11. Randy Koffman


    I see
  12. Randy Koffman

    Civilian Application

    Thank you for your interest in Project Steele Your application has been marked IN PROGRESS You'll have 1 week to join our teamspeak and goto, "Waiting for Civilian Interview". If you don't take your interview within that time, you'll be denied and may apply instantly.
  13. Randy Koffman


    @John Melo No disrespect of course, but do you believe this player is going to come back with no warns and just a straight ban? Many of the staff get lots of chances to fix what they've done but not the people of the public server.
  14. Randy Koffman

    Rilee Ralph- Trial Moderator Application

    +1 This individual has received two warns but nothing to serious however applicant did have a couple grammar issues. Everything else looks good! Good luck.
  15. Randy Koffman

    Captain Black Staff Application

    +1 We need the good players to be staff and this person is HIGHLY dedicated.