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  1. Vex

    Logic Snow's Staff Application

    Denied Not enough effort put towards the application.
  2. Vex

    Nikolas staff application

    -1 might just be me, but I have never seen this player before.
  3. Siv has stepped up in this community, hes been more active lately and it seems like he really wants to help improve this comunity
  4. Vex

    Xavier Mikaelson - Trial Moderator - 03/3/2019 - SantosRP

    I have played with this player many times before, has great rp.
  5. Vex

    Server Suggestion

    @Declan BarrowI was talking about as a passenger tho not as a driver, cause staff have told me that when u are in a chase the lights only initiated on the driver not the passenger.
  6. Vex

    Server Suggestion

    Suggestion: I think if you are in a car that is in a police chase i feel that you should be initiated against the cops to because if u have anything illegal on u, u are going to jail, so i feel like u should already be initiated on them so u can actually defend your self, so its not just an insta jail. Category: Rule's regarding initiation Reason: Because if u are in a car with a friend and u have something illegal on u, u cant defend ur self cause u dont have iniation on the cops but they will still detain u and shit, so I feel like its fair to have the passengers of the car also initiated.