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  1. John Carter

    Funny meme

    u must be a full on retard to be a die hard Defcon fan/supporter/player
  2. John Carter

    Sheriff Uniforms for Marked Patrol We should use these uniforms for Marked patrol because the one currently should be used by detectives/gang and warrant division. Because most sheriffs department in the real world has you know semi formal uniforms. This uniform should be used by units doing marked patrol or higher ups But the ones currently should be used for criminal investigations and gang and warrant division because the name of the addon relates to that and plus most detectives for the sheriffs office wear those type of dress code
  3. John Carter

    Repeal of the DOJ Refourm Act (Behalf of TCSO)

    i agree with TCSO, but if a suspect asks for a court case you give them one lol
  4. John Carter

    Permit Check- IN 4/9/19 - 4/13/19 ** Respond Below**

    Please Follow the Below Format to Guarantee Permits stay active! Name: John Carter/John Reese Date: 4/10/19 Drivers ID: V781-894-87-972-6 Felonies within the last 3 days?: Yes, Felony Evasion. (thats the only crime i have on my record) Permits: (Yes or NO): C1WL - Yes C2WL- Yes C3WL- Yes WDL- Yes BAL- No MML- Yes MariDL- No BWDL- no I (John Carter) Do verify the above given information is true and of good faith and creed. If found lying i will be prosecuted and permanently banned from receiving permits anymore. Edited 23 hours ago by Josh Potter
  5. John Carter

    Court appeal

    TOPICE: Name - Civil/Criminal/Warrants Appeal ### COPY BELOW THIS LINE ### Defendant Name: N/A Legal Representative: N/A Prosecution/Plaintiff: N/A Presiding Judge: N/A Conviction (charges): Felony Evasion Conviction Date: 4/9/19 Arresting Agency: Sheriffs office Arresting Officer: Jackson Anderson Justification of Appeal: Non Guilty [ ] Improper exclusion or admission of evidence, [ ] Incorrect jury instructions, [X ] Lack of sufficient evidence to support a finding of guilty, [ ] Sentencing errors, [ ] False arrest, [ ] Juror misconduct (if applicable), [ ] Prosecutorial misconduct, [ ] Ineffective assistance of counsel. Narrative of Appeal: I want to remove the charges so i can keep my job. I was trying to return the police car, but then someone speed in front of me and was recklessly driving i was trying to spot them for police. Then they started to chase me and point guns at me but i was trying to move the car back to pd and talk to them there.
  6. John Carter

    My Name

    Dude will all know youre a guy. Chill you do u dont listen to the haters
  7. John Carter


    Hello there, I'm still alive. I was banned from discord for posting danky memes. After the update i just quit
  8. John Carter

    Big OOF! We Got Him.

    what did that kid do again
  9. John Carter

    Few suggestions G

    arent u the dude that straight up rdm ppl especially in green zone
  10. John Carter

    Few suggestions G

    3. devs probably forgot it
  11. John Carter

    John Carter Civ Application

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal Information- Full Birthday (Real-life not character - Example (12/17/2018): (6/13/02) Do you have a good quality microphone & has it been tested within Teamspeak and Gmod?: Yes Have you joined our community discord (Note you will be required to join it): Yes ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules & Guidelines- Can you please link the rules and tell us what you think is good or bad about them. The bad thing is that you can't start fires, and you can't base as a sales truck driver. What is your definition of roleplay? Making your character into a virtual reality What type of characters have you roleplayed before? A Cop/Detective/PD High command. Regular Government Worker, Mafia Member, Thug. Regular Civilian What type of characters do you intend to roleplay? A Highway Patrolmen, or someone in DOJ What are your character positives and negative characteristics? Positives- follow rules, Can take my jobs seriously. Negatives Get mad easily and tempted to break rules When do you feel is a good time to break character? When you're not on the server ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Disclaimers- Do you understand acting "salty", "breaking character" or acting "immature" even when someone appears to have broken rules around you is punishable? Yes Do you understand not following the rules may result in a permanent ban in one report? Yes Do you stream, use youtube or other social media? If so, can you tell us about it? Also, do you have any clips or video of you roleplaying elsewhere? Yes, I record with OBS and have clips but I haven't edit anything yet or posted on Youtube Yet
  12. John Carter

    Server Suggestion - Vehicles for Police

  13. John Carter

    Big OOF! We Got Him.

    thats some quality editing there