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    Ryan LongPipe Civilian App

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal Information- Full Birthday (Real-life not character - Example (12/17/2018): 4/22/2001 Do you have a good quality microphone & has it been tested within Teamspeak and Gmod?: Yes Have you joined our community discord (Note you will be required to join it): Yes ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules & Guidelines- Can you please link the rules and tell us what you think is good or bad about them. Honsetly i think the rules are ok there very fair. What is your definition of roleplay? My definition Of RP is for everyone to stay in character and have a good time playing What type of characters have you roleplayed before? Police Officer, Cartel, Family leader What type of characters do you intend to roleplay? Family Leader What are your character positives and negative characteristics? I love helping new people who join by giving them items and just saying remimber the long pipes and the negatives is if you mess with us in the wrong way we will get you. When do you feel is a good time to break character? When Speaking to an admin about a problen that has accured and when trying to help somebody who has no clue what there doing. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Disclaimers- Do you understand acting "salty", "breaking character" or acting "immature" even when someone appears to have broken rules around you is punishable? Indeed Do you understand not following the rules may result in a permanent ban in one report? Indeed Do you stream, use youtube or other social media? If so, can you tell us about it? Also, do you have any clips or video of you roleplaying elsewhere? No
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    Server Enhancement - Server Suggestion

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    VaporzTM Cartel App

    What is your In Game Name?: Ryan Longpipe Do you understand that a mic is required and you WILL NOT join unless you have one?: mhm What is your gunsmith level?: 10 What is your Stamina level?: 5 What is your Chemistry level?: 0 How many hours do you have in CityRP?: a lot Were you affiliated with any gangs before ours? If so, list them below: Nah Are you or were you affiliated or part of any law enforcement agency, if so list them below: Police Will you always put the gang before anything else?: G.M.O.B Gang Money over bitc@s Why do you want to join El Cartel [2 Sentences]. I wanna fuck some shit up and make the city a better place for the gang Who is the leader of El Cartel?: Danii A.K.A da homie What color clothing do we wear?: Red cause I rock with bloods Age?: 16 finna be 17 Do you Understand if you act mingey or extremely unprofessional, break any rules, go against higher up commands, or overall just not live up to expectations you can be removed and possibly blacklisted from El Cartel? Yes or No? yes Once you agree to these terms you are now under command of El Cartel and its affiliates. yes