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    El Cartel App-Haden Dogg

    Cartel Application What is your name? Haden Dogg What is you current age (D.O.B.)?: 15 What is your Time Zone or Country you live in?: US, CST Do you have any Felonies and or Warrants on your record?: Probably What is your Gun Smithing Level?:5 What is your Stamina Level?:6 What is your Chemistry Level?:1 Why do you wish to join the cartel and what job/occupation do you wish to be apart of(Soldier or Drug Cultivator)?:I have skills that the cartel can use. Drug cultivator Do you have any past kills and or deaths you have made happen you wish to speak about?: no You do know that you may not SPEAK about this job, the job you are now going to if you hear one person say “Cartel” you get to members and you go after them. We do not allow our name to be spoken about by the normal civilians: Yes Do you understand that if you are accepted your soul, body, and mind is in control and taken by us and you may not leave unless given permission by one of the higher ups in this job you are applying for? ( Failure to Follow will result in your termination): yes Sign Here: Haden Dogg
  2. Haden Dogg

    Haden Dogg's El Cartel App.

    El Cartel Application Name(In Game) - Haden Dogg Birth Date(In Real Life) - 10-18-02 Where you told/asked to make an Application? -No Why do you want to join El Cartel?(125 Words Minimum) - I want to join El Cartel because I want to join a strong criminal organization. I believe that I will be a great addition for El Cartel because I have a lot of skills that I can bring to the table. I know that El Cartel has a bright future as an organization and I would love to be a part of it. I think that with the necessary tools that the cartel can give me that I can be a great part of this organization. I know that El Cartel has things like guns and cars and I feel like with this I can be very successful. With these tools I can become a very effective member of the cartel. The main reason I want to join El Cartel is because I want to be someone that can do quick, effective work for someone. What skills can you bring to El Cartel?(75 Words Minimum) - I can mainly bring crafting skills to El Cartel. I can make guns quickly and efficiently. I am also very good ar growing weed. It is something that I have been doing for a long time and I like to think that I am an expert at it. I know all of the tricks and I am just very good at growing weed. I also am skilled in combat and with the right weapons can knock a lot of people down. I know that El Cartel can give those things to me. Do you understand El Cartel rules and customs? -Yes How far will you go to protect your fellow El Cartel members? As far as dying for my fellow members. Who will we protect and who do we fight against? - We will protect ourselves and those who respect us and we will fight against anyone who doesn't resprct us. Do you understand that you can be accepted or denied from El Cartel? -Yes