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  1. Jordan Morales

    Vladimir Morales Lawyer App

    +1 Very professional and tell's you how it is.
  2. Jordan Morales

    El Cartel Applicaton

    When was this?
  3. Jordan Morales

    El Cartel Applicaton

    Accepted! Issue was looked into
  4. Jordan Morales

    Vladimir Mikhailov El Cartel app

    Accepted! Contact me on discord. Sage Mode Jordan #8501
  5. Jordan Morales

    John Melo - Cartel Application - 12/30/2019

    Accepted welcome daddy
  6. Jordan Morales

    Alex Shepards - Catel

  7. Jordan Morales

    Logic Snow's Cartel Application

    Accepted! I have worked with you in the past and seem very professional
  8. Jordan Morales

    Jager Schweinhund Cartel

  9. Jordan Morales

    Hunter Morales El Cartel Application

    Accepted! Welcome Back
  10. Jordan Morales

    El Cartel App-Haden Dogg

    Accepted! You used the wrong template but ill still accept it
  11. Jordan Morales

    El Cartel App-Rilee Ralph

    Accepted! Welcome back
  12. Jordan Morales

    Danii Morales Cartel Application

    Accepted! Welcome Back
  13. Jordan Morales

    Lenny Morales Cartel Application

    Accepted! Welcome back
  14. Jordan Morales

    Andy Morales cartel app

  15. Jordan Morales

    El Cartel App Template

    What is your In Game Name?: Do you understand that a mic is required and you WILL NOT join unless you have one?: What is your gunsmith level?: What is your Stamina level?: What is your Chemistry level?: How many hours do you have in Santo's?: Were you affiliated with any gangs before ours? If so, list them below: Are you or were you affiliated or part of any law enforcement agency, if so list them below: Will you always put the gang before anything else?: Why do you want to join El Cartel [2 Sentences]. Who is the leader of El Cartel?: Do you Understand if you act mingey or extremely unprofessional, break any rules, go against higher up commands, or overall just not live up to expectations you can be removed and possibly blacklisted from El Cartel? Yes or No? Once you agree to these terms you are now under command of El Cartel and its affiliates. I