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  1. Eleanor Dorris

    Goodbye Project Steele.

    bye cry baby
  2. Eleanor Dorris

    Andrew Freeman Trial Moderator Application

    Absolutely -1. You are very disrespectful in the discord, toxic player. If I had the choice I would blacklist you from ever being staff.
  3. Eleanor Dorris

    Strict - Trial Moderator Application

    +1. Good person to have around. Remember him back on the old server before.
  4. Eleanor Dorris

    Symere Ford - Trial Moderator Application

    +1. A new start to the server, shouldn't have old opinions from the previous server. In my eyes, I think that you could have another chance at staff. Good luck!
  5. Eleanor Dorris

    Where I have been.

    bet @Logan Johnson. Just DM me anytime you wanna play
  6. Eleanor Dorris

    Where I have been.

    Some of you may be wondering, "Where is that annoying bitch Eleanor Dorris at?". I'm here to explain where I am. I am no longer playing Garry's Mod. It's been 3 years straight of GMOD gameplay. I have decided to retire GMOD because of the number of hours I have on the game. The screenshot below will hopefully help you understand. I'm mostly playing RDR2 and Squad. I'm still around the discord but I will rarely be on it. I was glad to be part of Project Steele while it will alive and it still is, don't get me wrong, but this was my last stop. After Project Steele, I told myself "I will be leaving Garry's Mod, No more servers for me. It's the end of the road after PS closes". I kept my word and did leave gmod. Lastly, I was happy to make and meet every single one of Project Steele's staff team and player base. Including @Josh Potter@Christopher Steele@Marcus Newton@Jack Cole@Johnny McKrackin@Pantoand @Jim Breakpad. I'd like to thank everyone in particular for letting me be a part of this community. This is my farewell to all. I hope to run into some of the people here on Project Steele on other games. Thanks for reading this, Goodbye and have a good rest of the night/day.
  7. Eleanor Dorris

    Johnathan’s Staff Application

    +1 This is probably going to be the only time I respond to any post on PS but, I remember you very well. You did an excellent job handling stuff as a server manager. Even though I am not around anymore, I think that the server will enjoy having you back as part of there staff team.
  8. Eleanor Dorris

    Staff Meeting 6/7/19 Sugestions

    Me and John are working on getting a command system going. It should take about a week and we should have a solid command team.
  9. Eleanor Dorris

    A ton of shit - Server SuggestionS

    We can't just force people to get on duty and act mature. We have standards and we are slowly working to get them complete.
  10. Eleanor Dorris

    Greg Escobar (Harisson) - Staff Application

    Absolutely!!! + 1
  11. Eleanor Dorris

    I am making my return

    I remember you Jeff, always loved your accent. It's good to have you back on this community!
  12. Eleanor Dorris

    Bryce McKrackins Trial Mod App

    +1 Confirming Reference! Bryce has been an amazing player on Project Steele and has shown dedication to the server. I have seen him on very frequently without breaking any rules on the server. He has helped enforce rules and catch rule breakers that staff do not see. Overall, Bryce would make a great addition to the Project Steele staff team. My best regards go out to @Bryce_Crispy! Good luck!
  13. Made by @Laquisha Jones
  14. Eleanor Dorris

    Sandy Saint - Trial Moderator Application

    +1, Great member to have around. Sandy is very active on the server, I see him every day. He was also an excellent cop when he was with the TCSO. I would love to see him be a part of the Santos RP Staff team! Good Luck!
  15. Eleanor Dorris

    Lawerence Corleone - Trial Moderator Application

    +1, Lawerence Corleone is an excellent player to have around on this community. He has shown his dedication to Project Steele and I think that he is capable of being a staff member. Good Luck.