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  1. Eleanor Dorris

    Staff Meeting 6/7/19 Sugestions

    Me and John are working on getting a command system going. It should take about a week and we should have a solid command team.
  2. Eleanor Dorris

    A ton of shit - Server SuggestionS

    We can't just force people to get on duty and act mature. We have standards and we are slowly working to get them complete.
  3. Eleanor Dorris

    Greg Escobar (Harisson) - Staff Application

    Absolutely!!! + 1
  4. Eleanor Dorris

    I am making my return

    I remember you Jeff, always loved your accent. It's good to have you back on this community!
  5. Eleanor Dorris

    Bryce McKrackins Trial Mod App

    +1 Confirming Reference! Bryce has been an amazing player on Project Steele and has shown dedication to the server. I have seen him on very frequently without breaking any rules on the server. He has helped enforce rules and catch rule breakers that staff do not see. Overall, Bryce would make a great addition to the Project Steele staff team. My best regards go out to @Bryce_Crispy! Good luck!
  6. Made by @Laquisha Jones
  7. Eleanor Dorris

    Sandy Saint - Trial Moderator Application

    +1, Great member to have around. Sandy is very active on the server, I see him every day. He was also an excellent cop when he was with the TCSO. I would love to see him be a part of the Santos RP Staff team! Good Luck!
  8. Eleanor Dorris

    Contacting High Command/Supervisors

    One should only contact high command if the person below Major cannot handle the situation. Going to a person in High Command immediately will be denied and the person will be told to follow the chain of command. TCSO High Command Sheriff (Eleanor Dorris) Under Sheriff (-) Major (Jack Cole) Major (-) Captain (James T. Sullivan) Captain (-) TCSO Supervisors Supervisor Ranks: CPL SGT LT
  9. Eleanor Dorris

    Lawerence Corleone - Trial Moderator Application

    +1, Lawerence Corleone is an excellent player to have around on this community. He has shown his dedication to Project Steele and I think that he is capable of being a staff member. Good Luck.
  10. Eleanor Dorris

    Funny picture

    it's not an edit, lmao it's a screenshot on my iphone
  11. Eleanor Dorris

    Cartel's Terrorist Designation

    Adding on to this, I think that you guys should be put on a 1 week Probation period and if any crime is broken, the cartel remains on the blacklist. That's what I think should happen.
  12. Eleanor Dorris

    Mark Escobar’s - Trial Moderator Application

    +1, Great staff application, I have seen you be very active on the server for the past few days and haven't had a problem with you. Overall, a great player and friend to have around on the server and will make a great staff member and addition to the staff team. Good Luck!
  13. Eleanor Dorris

    Cartel's Terrorist Designation

    You guys have done PLENTY of things to be put on the list.
  14. Eleanor Dorris

    Mickey Mouse - Trial Moderator Application.

    +1, I have seen Mickey demonstrate some great skills as he plays on Project Steele. He enforces the rules as a player, knows a lot about doing DOJ stuff, and overall is a great member to have around. I would like to see him as part of the staff team. Good luck! @Mickey Mouse.
  15. Eleanor Dorris

    Funny picture

    Felt like posting this