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  1. Johnny McKrackin

    DOJ Member Application (OPEN)

    DOJ Member Application Format! Name: - Driver's License ID: - Age (IRL): - What DOJ Role Are You Applying For? (Judge, Lawyer, Clerk, or Baliff, Unless Asked To Apply For Another Role) - What would make you a good DOJ member? (50+ Words) - Why have you chosen the DOJ? (50+ Words) - Have you had any felonies in the last 3 days?: (If Yes Explain) - Do you understand that any future crimes will result in you being Removed/Blacklisted? - Do you understand that you can be removed at any time for any reason (Within RP reason)? - Do you understand that if you lie at any point in time in this application you will be removed and blacklisted from DOJ? - Anyone That Can Refer You? -
  2. Johnny McKrackin

    Ban Appeal Template

    Name (First, Last) : Steam ID : Ban Length (Must be longer than 12 hours): Staff Member Who Banned You : What lead to you receiving the punishment? (150 word minimum) : Why should you be unbanned? (50 word minimum) : Dispute/Evidence:
  3. Johnny McKrackin

    Johnny McKrakin - TCSO Application

    TrueNorth County Sheriff's Office (TCSO) - Application Format [ Section 1 - Personal Info ( Required ) ] Given Name: Johnny Surname: McKrakin Date of Birth (Real-Life): 8 / 1 / 03 Time Zone: EST Prefered Language: English Drivers License ID: V326-056-55-236-9 [ Section 2 - Question & Answer ( Required ) ] Why do you want part of the Truenorth Sheriff's Office? : - Ever since I was a small child I was interested in law enforcement. Striving to be in the greatest and strongest organization. Well equipped, well trained a brotherhood uncomparable to anything else. The Truenorth County Sheriff's office depicts this completely. This organization that is a CALEA accredited organization always strives to be the best. I often see them training and also their great response times. There's no other answer of why I'm interested in being a part in this Office besides I want to help the citizens of Trunorth in assisting in emergency response and helping the community in a larger more positive impact. What makes you better than the next person in line? : - My 24+ Years in the USAF Security Forces Squadron the 111th Attack Wing SFS and all of my 12 years as the Cheif of Police of Rockford City and also the many years as Sheriff of Evocity county. Has taught me one thing... Leadership. Leadership is a major attribute that I have that many other applicants lack. I am able to command many people and often in mass casualty incidents. I am aware how to run things but I am also aware to notice weakness of mine to allow other people that are stronger in that certain field to take over to ensure the most efficient and effective way. I am able to set up an "ICP" or an Incident Command Post. Training my training far outweigh the basic training that officer needs in return I am able to help the other officers in learning the knowledge. I'm also able to start a regular training schedule and make documents that will further develop the department. Where do you plan on standing within 6 months of being in this department? : - Within 6 months of being in the TCSO I will plan to already be making a huge impact of the county. Making a positive change to the amount of crime. I will also like to see myself climbing through the ranks. Special Weapons and Tactics is also a division I would like to see myself in. Training Regurely and making sure that there is a solid command structure. Have you ever had any experience in the field of law enforcement? : - Brigadier General Commander of the 111th Attack Wing Security Forces 24 Years of Experience. Rockford Police Department 12 Years of Service - Cheif of Police. Evocity County - Sheriff 16 years of service. SWAT Certified, Hostage Negotiator Certified, Community Relations Certified, Communications Certified, Dispatch Certified, Internal Affairs Certified, Marksman Certified (Counter Sniper) Anti Terror Unit. Do you know anyone who can recommend you to the TCSO? : - State Trooper, Jim Malone Will you successfully pass a background check? (Felony's, Misdemeanors, Charges) : - YES [ Section 3 - Sign Off ( Required ) ] I promise, as a member of the TCSO I will always give my 100%, and be serious and professional at all times. I promise, as a member of the TCSO I will not slander another officer or my superiors. I understand that being part of this department, I must go thru excessive amounts of training when first being appointed my duty as a cadet & officer of the TCSO. I understand that I may be Blacklisted / Demoted / Striked (0+/3) / Removed from the department if I don't follow orders given from my higher-ups, or don't follow legal city laws, or abuse my job. I understand that joining this PD, That anything I do off duty may impact my employment (crimes, charges, reputation, etc..) I understand that I must follow all commands from my superiors & always ask questions if in doubt of something. I understand that if I'm am not active enough, it will lead to a demotion of rank or blacklistYes I understand all these rules and will follow them without any questions asked. [ Johnny McKrakin]
  4. Hey whats up guys back from LOA!