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  1. Name: Drivers ID: Name of Person(s) wanting a restraining order on: Why do you need a Restraining Order(150 words): Has this person threatened you? : If so when and were the police called? : Please List at least 3 people who can validate and or vow to these claims that you have listed above? 1. 2. 3. Do you agree to talk to a DOJ official if necessary about these claims? : Do you understand if caught lying you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? : Do you understand that the DOJ reserves the right to revoke this at anytime? :
  2. Josh Potter

    Marriage License Template

    This permit will grant you the permissions of a legal marriage. You must share money, and everything a legal couple would do. This will be an official document. This permit will cost you a total amount of 6,000$ to be officially married as a legal couple. Therefore granting you all privileges as a couple in Paralake City. ------------------------------------------------ Copy under this line ------------------------------------------------- Full Legal Name: Partners Full Legal Name: How long has both parties been in a 'relationship': Do you understand you must support each other financially: Do you agree to follow the terms and agreements of the marriage: Do you agree to pay the fine of 6,000$ for this permit: Do you understand that this permit does not give you the 10,000$ name change for your wedding: This permit will give you the right to marry to male on male , female on female and traditional male and female I [NAME] Agree to all legal terms and agreements.
  3. Josh Potter

    Law Proposal Template

    Use the following format to propose a law for the Government council to review. Your law must be fair to all citizens, and must be a reasonable rule for all to follow. Copy below the line. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Name of Bill: Description: Why is this needed?: Do you have public support? If so, who?:
  4. The BUSL is a permit to help with the growth of legal businesses. This permit is the hardest permit to get and holds the most responsibility. Obligations/Rules 1. Must have at least 1 active permits 2. Give a business proposal to the DOJ ( Owner name, Businesses name, Ranks , Prices , Locations, How will you grow?): 3. Must check the backgrounds of all employees prior to their hiring. 4. Must take full responsibility for your business actions 5. Agree to all and any regulations given by the DOJ 6. License Costs $65,000 (and the firearms/distribution and/or marijuana/distribution [If selling guns or weed]) Business License Application Name: Driver's License ID: Why do you need a Business License?: Have you had any felonies in the last 3 days?: Why do you want a BUSL ( 150 words): Business Name: Main Locations: Owner: Main Product of Sale(Guns,Weed,Coffee)?: Do you understand that any future related felonies can have your license revoked?: Do you understand that selling firearms, body Armour or marijuana to unpermitted persons will get your license revoked?: Do you understand that you take full responsibility for your businesses actions?: Do you understand to Sell Marijuana, Guns or Body Armour you must possess the corresponding licenses ( EX.WDL,MDL)?
  5. Josh Potter

    DOJ LawSuit Application

    DOJ Lawsuit Application Name: Date of Incident: Defendant (person suing): Outcome Looking for( Money ,Refund etc.): Reason for Charges : Evidence: Witnesses/People involved: Please List Possible Dates for trial ( within the next 3 days): I (Name) agree that the above information is true to the knowledge of the person making this request. By signing this document you agree that if this court case does not happen within a 5 day period the DOJ reserves the right to DENY the case. Also by signing this document no evidence shall be added during the course of the case all evidence must be presented in this document. If found lying you may be charged and possibly pay court fees. Court fees are $5000 to be paid to the Judge during the case.
  6. Josh Potter

    Civilian Application

    Teamspeak IP:
  7. Josh Potter

    Cole Campbell Whitelist Application

    Thank you for applying! Your application has been marked On-Hold Please elaborate on /fix the following parts of your application -" What type of characters have you roleplayed before?" and -"What type of characters do you intend to roleplay? Support Member : Senior Support @Josh Potter Is handling this app.
  8. Josh Potter

    Manuel Alejandro

    Thank you for applying! Your application has been DENIED Based on your interview you are not deemed fit for Project Steele Whitelised at this time Please Re-apply in 2 weeks! Read The Rules!
  9. Josh Potter

    Papi Quichen- Civilian Application

    Thank you for applying! Your application has been marked In-progress Please join our Teamspeak and wait in "waiting for interview"civilian Teamspeak IP: