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  1. Christopher Steele

    Comp request

  2. Christopher Steele

    Symere Ford - Trial Moderator Application

    Seeing that you copied from your first application: -122018/ shows me personally that you didn't put much effort into this staff application Not going to - or + this until that is fixed. I'd say possibly a chance if you show that you can improve from before the server shut down. Staff will also be keeping an eye on you in-game to see how you interact with players.
  3. Christopher Steele

    John Marshall Attorney General Application

    +1 I've seen you as DOJ in the past and I think you ran it pretty well. As long as you stay active upon launch you have my +1
  4. Christopher Steele

    Cartel Leader App-Jordan Morales

    +1 Nice App. I'd be happy to see you as Cartel Leader again.
  5. Christopher Steele

    Richard Brooks - Trial Moderator Application

    @Johnny McKrackin
  6. Christopher Steele

    Papi Quichenz-Trial Moderator Application

    @Jack Cole
  7. Christopher Steele

    Vladimir Escobar Staff App

    @Jack Cole
  8. Christopher Steele

    richibit - Trial Moderator Application

    @Marcus Newtonmove to accepted
  9. Christopher Steele

    Abbas Al Azmi - Trial Moderator Application

    Denied Posting very explicit content in discord.
  10. Christopher Steele

    Young Pablo El Cartel Application

    Come to cartel tryouts next time they are being hosted in game.
  11. Christopher Steele

    Tyrone Glizzy Cartel App

    Come to tryouts next time you see them being hosted in game
  12. Christopher Steele

    Christopher Steele V.S. TCSO

    DOJ Lawsuit Application Name: Christopher Steele Date of Incident: 4/12/19 Defendant (person suing): @Ivan Guydukov @Johnny McKrackin @Eleanor Dorris True north Sheriffs Office Outcome Looking for( Money ,Refund etc.): 1.5 Million Reason for Charges: Officers came to side walk and started harassing me, then put me in hand cuffs and @Ivan Guydukov put an AR-15 in my face and told me if I don't shut up he would send me to jail. Evidence: Witnesses/People involved: Chief Black Please List Possible Dates for trial ( within the next 3 days): 4/12/19 4/13/19 4/14/19 I Christopher Steele agree that the above information is true to the knowledge of the person making this request. By signing this document you agree that if this court case does not happen within a 5 day period the DOJ reserves the right to DENY the case. Also by signing this document no evidence shall be added during the course of the case all evidence must be presented in this document. If found lying you may be charged and possibly pay court fees. Court fees are $5000 to be paid to the Judge during the case.
  13. Christopher Steele

    Jarvis Lamar Trial Mod App

    +1 Active Player. Been around long time.
  14. Christopher Steele

    Benjamin Knox - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Active Player. Seems mature even though under age.
  15. Christopher Steele

    Funny meme

    Okay? The Sheriff is the one in charge of make the rosters. I don't see any copy right on that google doc either.