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  1. Philip McKrackin

    Vladimir Escobar Staff App

    +1 Deserves second chance, very active on server
  2. Philip McKrackin

    Greg Escobar (Harisson) - Staff Application

    +1 I heard he smells nice
  3. Philip McKrackin

    Bryce McKrackins Trial Mod App

    +1 I like how he Focus on his Fitness !! He is the Man !
  4. Philip McKrackin

    Mark Escobar’s - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 he is making himself noticed in the community
  5. Philip McKrackin

    Young Pablo - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 I like your tenacity, could be a good attribute for a staff member. Your gameplay is very dominate. As staff you should be unbiased and hear both sides. You will need proper training if accepted, and utilize other staff members to support you. Good Luck!
  6. Philip McKrackin

    Dan Nigeria's Trial Mod Application

    someone get this man an Interview
  7. Philip McKrackin

    Tyrone Glizzy - Trial Moderator Application

    A little light on the word count, fix up
  8. Philip McKrackin

    Young Pablo Admin approval

    on the fence with this one, a little too trigger happy, active player recently, maybe use proper template ?
  9. Philip McKrackin

    Dan Nigeria's Trial Mod Application

    +1 Active
  10. Philip McKrackin

    Vladimir Kuznetsov Trial Mod App

    +1 Was previously approved, just missed interview last time
  11. Philip McKrackin

    Jarvis Lamar Trial Mod App

    +1 Acknowledge Reference Seems interested in returning to Staff Team
  12. Philip McKrackin

    Jarvis Lamar Trial Mod App

    A character is not a word! Looks like app good! Seems like a good addition to the Staff Team !!
  13. Philip McKrackin

    Vladimir Kuznetsov - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Played in alot of communities with this Bad ASS !! Over Qualified !! and welcome to the Staff Team !
  14. Philip McKrackin

    Nathan Samuel

    U BEE GOOD !!
  15. Philip McKrackin

    Rilee Ralph- Trial Moderator Application

    CONFIRMING REFERENCE +1 Good RP, Active Player, Will need basic staff training and good knowledge of Rules