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    Ellie Hoxworth Mafia Application

    Current Name: Ellie Hoxworth New Name: Ellie Thomas What are your plans, if you get into the family?: Make money, protect the innocent, and protect my family. Have you had any other gang experience? (Real or Fictional): I've been with the Corleones and the Watsons. I was a professional member. How long you plan on staying with us?: Until the organization goes unprofessional, I'm sticking with it. Have you ever been associated with the cartel? Never. Not even close. I've shot cartel fucks I've burned down their base of operations, I wouldn't associate with cartel if they offered me a high position. I just don't want to try to run an organization based on strength and fear, rather planning and income. It's just not in my nature. Who do we stand against?: The Cartel and whoever opposes our operations. We're not inherently against the police, but they tend to meddle with our business.
  2. Ellie Hoxworth

    Ellie Hoxworth Trial Moderator 12/9/2018

    mServer you are applying for? (JurassicRP, SantosRP, KingdomRP): SantosRP Forum Name: Ellie Hoxworth Discord Name(EX: SWAT#4301): rw#1645 Date of Birth: 2/21/2005 Time on the server: 82 hours Do you have a working mic?(Required) Yes Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:173795048 Are you currently on Support Team? No Are you currently VIP? No Have you ever been on our staff team before? If so, how long were you on staff?: No Why do you want to join our Staff team? (150 word min): I'm on the server most of the day, and I usually have free time so most of the time I can respond to sits. I dislike how many staff members became staff only to cover themselves and their friends, and I see so many complaints that nobody is responding to their admin calls; I've been affected by that problem myself. I'd like to become a member of the Project Steele staff team so people can always have their calls responded to in a timely manner. I don't think that only people friends with staff should feel like they're able to roleplay in a safe environment. I've been there when there's no staff online, and people take heavy advantage of it. Some of my worst experiences with santosRP have been without any order what so ever, I absolutely hate it when a server boils down to people driving around shooting each other and whoever shoots first doesn't get shot. What special skills can you bring to our staff team? (100 word min): I would like to think I'm relatively level-headed, and I'm fairly active on the server, so I'd like to think I'd be a helpful addition to the staff team. Most of the time my free time is spent gambling for fun (Blackjack) and you can quit gambling at any time so I can take sits most times of the day. I have a decent amount of experience staffing on Garry's mod, as I have 1800 hours. I also have a lot of experience staffing on SantosRP (Other servers) so I have experience with ULX, and internal santosRP mechanics. Overall I want to improve the community and a few people have asked me why I haven't applied for staff (Yes I know this sounds fake, and I don't have proof so you don't have to belive this claim) and so I really hope this application is considered despite the fact I do not fully meet the requirements yet (Age). Have you ever been banned or received warning points in the past in game and on forums? (Yes/No), If so why? Yes, I have been warned four times before, and most of them were for valid reasons. I was also briefly permabanned by Christopher, for selling money. This was not in the rulebook when this happened, and the person was refunded. How active are you in a typical week? Most of the time, when I can be on, and when there are players, I'm usually on. If you look at the player list after 4:00 PM PST I'm usually there. Do you understand that being a member of staff is a voluntary position and it requires time and patience. It also requires you to be unbiased and mature? (Yes/No) Yes Do you also understand as a member of staff you need to be able to split time between play and staff? (Yes/No) Yes References: Lamar Schmitt, Jim Breakpad, Danny Schmitt, JoJo Schmitt Additional notes: I know it looks shady as hell that most of my references are from Schmitt last names, however, it's just a really common last name and one Schmitt even came to me offering to refer me (Lamar Schmitt). I'm not trying to rig the system I swear. Also, fun fact, my "Why do you want to join our staff team" and "What special skills can you bring to our staff team" are exactly the same amount of words (158). AGREEMENT: I, Ellie Hoxworth agree that if accepted into Trial Moderator that I am held to a higher standard than our regular members and I must show respect to all members of the community at all times.
  3. Ellie Hoxworth

    Logic Schmitt Trial Moderator 12/5/2018

    Can confirm, he sorta asked me to refer his staff application and I personally haven't seen him break any rules and he's pretty nice, so I'd recommend him