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    +1 Captain Black is active, and understands RP. We need active players and active staff. Being staff, need to adhere to Rules and I know Captain Black understands this moving to staff team.
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    In my opinion, it is not necessary to bring every person to court. I think that the act should be repealed. The person who is arrested should be informed that they have the option to go to court. Many people do not understand that they have the option to speak with a judge about getting a case or a plea deal. If this gets repealed, it will be crucial that everyone is informed upon being arrested that they are allowed to get a plea deal or court case.
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    This is because someone called "Mark Mendonca" deleted our roster many times.. So the fact is we didn't steal anything. When we were making this we hade no ill intent. I had no clue that when we were making it it was closely related to defcon.
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    Okay? The Sheriff is the one in charge of make the rosters. I don't see any copy right on that google doc either.
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    Suggestion: Pill presses to produce pharmaceutical drugs or pill-based drugs such as party drugs or performance-enhancing drugs like ephedrine, steroids, and pain killers for shaking. There is an aftereffect that severely negatively affects the user. Category: Drugs and drug paraphernalia Reason: Provides a larger range of drugs that could be manufactured, used by criminals to enhance performance, and a new market of drugs that could be sold legally.
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    OOF buck so you Just as good at DOC as u are driving
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    ------------------------------------------- Interview @liyokos ------------------------------------------- Dead Line: - [3/15/2019] Discord: https://discord.gg/nYkEvAR ------------------------------------------- Please Join The Discord And Join Waiting For "Staff Interview" And Wait For Me There. Or you can message me on discord to schedule an interview time. My discord is in my profile! -------------------------------------------
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    Thank you for your interest in the Truenorth City Police Department You have now been Accepted Welcome to the Truenorth City Police Department
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    Lmao, 11/10 editing and 20/10 for quality
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    hi, if you remember me, DM me on Discord. I am going to apply to the Sheriff stuff too. Join VC when you get on
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    @Manuel AlejandroYou need to add the other parts of the Application, there's more to it than just your information. Check out the Application Template Forum for some help regarding that. Good luck on your Application though!
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    I have played with this player many times before, has great rp.
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    Terrance? More like Bore Radnorok!... Ill see myself out.
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    Suggestion: I think if you are in a car that is in a police chase i feel that you should be initiated against the cops to because if u have anything illegal on u, u are going to jail, so i feel like u should already be initiated on them so u can actually defend your self, so its not just an insta jail. Category: Rule's regarding initiation Reason: Because if u are in a car with a friend and u have something illegal on u, u cant defend ur self cause u dont have iniation on the cops but they will still detain u and shit, so I feel like its fair to have the passengers of the car also initiated.
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    +1 Look, Ryan, we have had our differences and some bad things I have heard from you but I truly do feel like you deserve a second chance. It truly is something I never would have done if I truly did not think someone had a true meaning to be a part of this staff team. Good luck! - Administrator Mark
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    +1 This guy is great despite his age he can RP better than all of us. This man clearly enjoys this server is active. And is professional. It would be a real shame if he would not get a chance. He is mature and is one hell of a person. I would urge you to give Lenny despite his age a recommendation and a spot on the staff team. Trust me if you don't you would be doing yourself a disservice.
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    Topic Title: The Ability to create different kinds of alcohol Suggestion: The Ability to create different kinds of alcohol Category: Addons Reason: I think it would add a little more variety to what you can make and sell, maybe it can be faster to make that weed but sells for less. Perhaps you will need a permit to sell it to other(The Stalin Bar would have more opportunities) Poll: https://surveyhero.com/c/b7a4bc1a
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    @David Shaledsky I need to see your references +1 on your app. please @ them and have them +1, and if they don't have a forum account, please have them make one.
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    ----------------------------------------------------------- Under Review ----------------------------------------------------------- Notification date: 11/26/18 Discord: https://discord.gg/hGACzpj You application is being review by: Gяavlツ ----------------------------------------------------------
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