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  2. PARALAKE CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT : OFFICER REPORT TEMPLATE _______________________ PARALAKE CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT _______________________ REPORT ESSENTIALS: Reports may only be submitted if: any form of evidence is sustained. Such as Physical evidence, Video evidence, Witness testimony, or Pledged Claim. Filling a false police report could result in legal trouble. Always try to recover any form of evidence prior to a report. Time, Dates, and Locations are important factors in police reports. Officer Name, Bd. # ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PERSONAL INFORMATION YOUR NAME / S : [ Please write here ] YOUR LICENCE ID / PHONE NUMBER : [ Please write here ] OFFICER INFORMATION OFFICER NAME & BADGE NM. : [ Please write here ] OFFICER'S SUPERVISOR INFO : [ Please write here ] INCIDENT REPORT DATE & TIME OF INCIDENT : [ Please write here ] LOCATION : [ Please write here ] CHARGE'S ( IF APPLIED ) : [ Please write here ] OTHER WITNESSES : [ Please write here ] EVIDENCE : [ Please write here ] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. FILLING A CRIME REPORT TO PARALAKE CITY PD _______________________ PARALAKE CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT _______________________ Report Filing Tips: Mandatory fields are identified by a red *. Complete non-mandatory fields when possible. Your report will be assigned a temporary report case number. All cases filed using the Online Reporting System will be reviewed by a member of the high command. In the Incident Description box give a detailed story of what happened. We do not accept reports filed on behalf of a third party, i.e. another person or for public property. Reports must be filed by the actual complainant, the owner or authorized representative. All reports must be held within the city limits of True North County Upon Review, if further investigation of your case is needed, you may be contacted via discord Have a valid discord account/ID linked to any report. The TCSO does offer compensation requests. This is only done when one has a loss of belongings caused by crime from another person. The TCSO is NOT obligated to compensate you. You must provide proof of the incident. The TCSO will compensate from 1200$ to 75,000$ judging on the situation, and property loss. Filing a false police report is a crime. ---------------------------- Theft under 30,000$ Date & Time of Incident* : - Who's the reporting party/person?* : - Please Label all lost property (In point form)* : - - Any valid evidence*: - Suspects (Giving False information to get someone in lawful trouble is a crime.)* : - ---------------------------- Grand Theft Auto Date & Time of Incident* : - Who's the reporting party/person?* : - Vehicle Model (Ford, Dodge, GMC, etc...)* : - Vehicle Color*: - Vehicle License Plate*: - Belongings in the vehicle: - Any valid evidence of action*: - Suspects (Giving False information to get someone in lawful trouble is a crime.)* : - ---------------------------- Harassment Date & Time of Incident* : - Who's the reporting party/person?* : - What type of harassment?* (Domestic, Sexual, Aggravated, Verbal) : - Please explain the situation: - Actions (Pressing Charges, Restraining Order, Etc...)* :- Supporting Evidence*: - Suspects (Giving False information to get someone in lawful trouble is a crime.)* : - ---------------------------- Mischief to Property / Vandalism Date & Time of Incident* : - Who's the reporting party/person?* : - Photo's of Damage (Bullet holes, Shattered Glass, Debris)* : - Describe the incident: - Suspects (Giving False information to get someone in lawful trouble is a crime.)* : - ---------------------------- Aggressive Driving / Vehicle Plate Report Date & Time of Incident* : - Who's the reporting party/person?* : - License Plate of the suspect*: - Supporting Evidence*: - Suspects (Giving False information to get someone in lawful trouble is a crime.)* : - Thank you for submitting your reports, you help keep yourself and the city safe! Make sure to always have a way of contact in any report posted!
  4. HOW TO JOIN THE PARALAKE CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT _______________________ PARALAKE CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT _______________________ The Paralake City Police Department have recently changed there recruitment policy. New applicants must now go thru the TrueNorth police academy. Unlike our previous methods of applying here on the forums. There is still an application, but it is way shorter and is done thru discord! Requirements as well as steps to join, are all shown in the discord that we offer. Please join and follow the directions in the opening channel! _______________________
  5. Jack Cole

    Compensation Request Template

    COMPENSATION REQUEST REQUIREMENTS NOTE: If no evidence is provided, or senior admin+'s word. We will be denying your application! Assuming you have read the requirements, please start by copy+paste under the lines, and fill out the fields thru a new post under this category. Not using the correct format will lead to you request being terminated. _________________________________________________________________________ COMPENSATION REQUEST TEMPLATE Your RP Name: - Your STEAM ID: - Lost assets: - Reason for lost assets: - How do you want to be compensated?: - Evidence: -
  6. COMPENSATION REQUEST REQUIREMENTS NOTE: Abuse of this system can result in a BAN or COMPBLACKLIST. Good day! Welcome to the first step of setting up your Project Steele Santos RP compensation request. Please go through this list of rules and requirements before submitting your request. WHAT IS COMPENSATABLE: Vehicles Weapons PS Currency (Cash) Crates Items Assets Casino Chips REQUIRED ELEMENTS TO SUCCESSFULLY BE COMPENSATED: Video Proof Screenshot Proof Staff Member Witness Witnesses Timestamped Server Restart OTHER RULES TO FOLLOW: Requests may only be submitted if lost assets exceed a PS$10,000 or more If you are killed by another player, regardless of the situation you will not receive a compensation request until the incident has been reviewed by a staff member. Always have proof. Abuse of this system will result in a ban/compblacklist All fields within your request template MUST be answered. You must always submit an application before asking a director for compensation. You may "@" a director in discord if your comp request is not reviewed within 24 hours.
  7. Jack Cole

    How to reclaim your VIP Tier 🌟

    VIP RANK RECLAIM - HOW TO In order to re-licence your VIP purchase, You must fill in this form. This form helps us figure out who recently had VIP ranks in an organized matter. If you've purchased VIP before closing, you are eligible for a refund. NOTE: THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THOSE WHO HAVE PURCHASED PERMANENT VIP PACKAGES ONLY
  8. Johnny McKrackin

    DOJ Member Application (OPEN)

    DOJ Member Application Format! Name: - Driver's License ID: - Age (IRL): - What DOJ Role Are You Applying For? (Judge, Lawyer, Clerk, or Baliff, Unless Asked To Apply For Another Role) - What would make you a good DOJ member? (50+ Words) - Why have you chosen the DOJ? (50+ Words) - Have you had any felonies in the last 3 days?: (If Yes Explain) - Do you understand that any future crimes will result in you being Removed/Blacklisted? - Do you understand that you can be removed at any time for any reason (Within RP reason)? - Do you understand that if you lie at any point in time in this application you will be removed and blacklisted from DOJ? - Anyone That Can Refer You? -
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