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September 12, 2020 at 5:55 PM

Santos RP Rules




RDM/CDM Will not be tolerated, you must have valid RP reasons.

RDM (Random Deathmatch): When someone kills others for no reason or without a valid RP reason or initiation.

CDM: CDM is not allowed, but accidents happen just be careful. It is still CDM if they are on the road. Avoid hitting anyone as much as possible.

NLR ( New Life Rule ): you forget all details that led up to your death ( Killer, location, etc; ). You can remember friends, colleagues etc. You can not return to the scene where you died until at least 15 minutes has passed after you click respawn. This does not apply when you are revived by EMS.

Do not abuse/exploit loopholes in the rules

Staff have the jurisdiction to define what loopholing is if absolutely necessary. Staff are not above this rule.

Minging will not be tolerated without valid rp reason.

In order to validate Minge or RDM with terrorism, you must have a reason. Praising allah and other real life things do not work.

Excessive baiting/trash talking in any type of Green-zone because you cannot be harmed in the green zone will be considered a green zone violation.[This will NOW be considered a Bannable offense... and DOES not mean you can shoot the person talking shit... Call for an Admin and they will deal with it..] Obviously, this does not apply if prior RP was initiated outside the Green-zone Having a house in a Green-zone does not make your house immune to robbers. GZ does not apply if you are Robbing/breaking into houses.

/ads Is only for advertising your in-character matters. Abuse can result in punishment.

// is only used for OUT OF CHARACTER This cannot be used to your advantage. Using OOC information to make in-character decisions is Metagame and kickable.

Mic spam will not be tolerated, Music may be allowed depending on moderator discretion.

You must wait 10 minutes before starting another priority.

Role play must be initiated verbally. Advertising raids and mugs will proceed to be invalid.

If you hold a player at gunpoint, and they proceed to give you what you want, you cannot kill them afterwards except in self-defense

Combat logging is a bannable offense. Crashing is not combat logging. Once you log in use @ to contact a moderator to resume roleplay.

You must value your life at all costs. This includes all Fear RP factors.

If you have a gun or weapon aimed at you, you must roleplay fear and comply with the demands of the player. There may be exceptions made if your character is CONSISTENTLY insane. This means you cannot become mentally ill just to avoid conflict. This is not valid if you are at a reasonably far distance. Note that Fear RP still applies even if you are in a car with your engine on and within a reasonable distance. If you are driving at a reasonably fast speed, Fear RP will not apply. Fear RP also ceases to apply once shots are actively being fired at you.

LTAP/Combat Log (Leaving to Avoid Punishment): This is when a person leaves the server when confronted with an admin sit or valid RP situation.

If you crash your car while inside a chase you may not continue initiation, it is failrp if both of you crash & initiate, You must seek medical assistance. (Cops are exempt. i.e, if a cop is in a pursuit and uses their car to disable a suspect's car they may arrest or detain said suspect.)

You MUST verbally initiate on someone before you attempt to harm or do anything to them. You may not mug or rob an obviously AFK player. You may not become AFK to avoid mugging.

You MUST allow 10 seconds to pass when you verbally initiate on somebody to comply with your commands. This does not apply if they attempt to run away/break FearRP.

Both parties of the initiation must be aware completely of the initiation before anything continues

Third Party Initiation Is Not Allowed! (Example: Telling your friends over TS to come hold a Police Officer at gunpoint near the casino.)

Snipers should be within reasonable range, no climbing on buildings using props.

Anyone caught hacking, exploiting, cheating, and/or DDOSing will be permanently banned from all things associated with Project Steele.

Note that flaming, bullying, or blatant disrespect that is OOC is a bannable offense.

Keep your names Roleplay Friendly. No copying famous people or celebrities. No inappropriate names. [Ex. Ben Dover, Suk Macok, Rei-ping ma kids, etc.]

The English Language is required at all times in-game.

Max mug is $1000

No trading/selling illegal content or doing any criminal actions in Green Zones (Exception for PD when a jailbreak is initiated)

If you are caught doing something for IRL money, you will be permed. (Ex: $100K for $10 USD).

Killing a police officer while actively carrying illegal items or committing crimes to avoid detection and detainment is a valid reason to kill the officer. You may not end them. If the cop is not suspect of you then you may not kill them.

Metagaming is not permitted at all. You may not use OOC information for IC matters.

Do not use OOC for IC. Please use /ads for IC situations (IC = In Character).

You may not rob a police officer (You are able to hold them hostage)

There must be THREE Officers on Duty in order to take a cop hostage.

It is FailRP to get yourself involved with other people's business. (ex: Helping someone with a raid when you weren't part of the group in the first place, or stopping an officer from doing their job to help someone get out of a situation.)

It is RDM to kidnap someone with the sole intention to kill them. There must have been an RP reason before or during the kidnapping (ex: They were a hostage and negotiations failed, kidnapped person wasn't complying, kidnapped person was provoking the kidnappers)

Do not shoot someone's car if they are already dead, police cars too.

You may NOT get into your vehicle with a gun out.. This will be considered FailRP and you will be banned.

You may not misuse props or entities that are vulnerable to crash the server. (This includes using stoves to manually start a fire, Placing mass amount of props down and flinging them/ Placing props in each other to collide with each other)

Trash talking is not initiation and does not mean you can kill the person this will be classified as RDM

It is FailRP to mug, kidnap, and/or kill someone in the middle of the street, in large populated areas, and near government buildings.

You may not target another person because of their group (Groups like Police, Gangs, Civilian, etc.)

You must have a motive and VALID role-play reason to kill someone. (Someone looking at you funny or calling you names is NOT considered a valid RP reason)

Home / Base + Building Rules:

Kill-Boxes or Prop Traps or anything of the sort is not allowed.

Prop Block/Kill in any form is not allowed.

To base, you must own the property or have a friend do it.

Store Robbery Rules:

You must stay in the store that you initiated the robbery at, with the exception of having snipers helping the robbery from the outside.

You may not randomly join in the store robbery or sneak around unarmed, then pull out a gun and assist. (Snipers: it is highly recommended to record & be on TS with friends robbing the store. Screenshotting will not cut the mustard).

You are not allowed to run around the store being robbed trolling/baiting the cops or robbers.

You are not allowed to initiate the store robbery as a means to bait officers to the area to set up an ambush or etc. Ex: starting the robbery and running away to a position and kill the responding officers.

You must do a verbal initiation when robbing the store. You may NOT start shooting as soon as you see somebody else.

Both Parties must be aware that somebody initiated. (if both parties say "Hands up!", etc, that counts.)

You MUST wait 10 minutes in between store robberies to do another store robbery (Example: rob the gas station, wait 10 minutes, rob the grocery store or gas station again)

Robbing a store with anything other than a gun, or knife will be considered FailRP.

A hostage must be legit and not a friend or acquaintance, this is FailRP 1 member of robbery must announce that you have snipers through /ads if you wish to snipe. (Sniper must be within 75m of the robbery or within roleplay zone)

If store robbery is code 4, YOU MAY NOT "re-initiate" until the police are gone from the crime scene

Once you have completed a store robbery, you must attempt to leave the scene as soon as possible. You may not intentionally stay in the area just to shoot responding LEOs.

Jail Break Rules:

There MUST be 3 or 2 officers ACTIVE police officers in order to escape prison. (Police Officer, FBI, SWAT) The only way you are able to escape prison is if someone breaks you out.

It is highly recommended to record your jailbreak in case an admin situation happens, if you are not able to record, screenshot your tab menu. It can go from 6+ to 2 officers in the blink of an eye.

You MUST wait 30 minutes in between jailbreaks to make another one.

Police Rules:

You may not talk on the radio [TEAMSPEAK] or use your cellphone whilst restrained.

You are only restrained if the police officer says you are [within RP] or you are physically restrained.

S.W.A.T Doesn't have to Follow the FearRP Gun rule if you point weapons at SWAT they may shoot back.

If you are detained at the time of a server crash, you MUST come back to the Police Department unless you are told otherwise by the arresting officer.

You MUST come back to the PD with the same items you had when you were first arrested, dropping any of your illegal items or clothing before returning will be considered FAIL RP.

You may not rob, assault, kill or threaten lethal force on an officer conducting a traffic stop. If the situation escalates with an officer attempting to physically restrain, search or arrest

Arresting Officer can advertise no bail with the suspect name at the end, and the suspect can’t be bailed out. If bailed out = warned and put back into jail. the driver or any occupants then at that point the vehicle occupants or bystanders etc may interfere, still adhering to RP standards for initiation etc.

If a law enforcement officer does not physically un-restrain you, RP must be continued as if you were still restrained.

You may not jump out or escape a car while restrained. This counts for zip-ties.

While restrained you cannot open doors or interact with NPC/game mechanics (Ex. Elevator buttons, doors, etc)

Body dragging is a valid reason to be arrested (If admins are not on, see also: General Rules)

Only police may call 911 for the following reasons: Panic Button, Requesting Backup or anything related

If you are running from a police officer and crash your car, you may not hop out and pull out a gun, this is FailRP

If an officer has successfully tased you, you must comply with their commands.

If an officer is holding you at gunpoint and pulls out handcuffs, you MAY NOT pull out a gun to have him at gunpoint. This is FearRP & FailRP and you can get banned for this.

You may only kidnap one cop for every 3 cops online.

You may not go to the casino unless there is a reason to be there, officers caught gambling on duty will result in a blacklist from the job.

EMS Rules:

Any crimes committed against a Medical Employee will not be tolerated. This can result in a ban. (mugging EMS, Zip Tying EMS, etc.)

EMS must remain neutral at all times, and can't favor Police or Criminals.

You cannot run away or interfere with EMS after revival. You must follow their rules. If an Law Enforcement Officer is on scene, they may RESTRAIN OR ARREST/DETAIN the individual.

EMS cannot interfere with RP situations until Code 4. (Gunfights, Bank Robberies, etc.)

EMS must be 100+M away from any active situation until Code 4 unless near hospital.

No Going AFK as EMS, this will result in a kick/ban

You must do your job or risk being kicked/banned

No reviving on scene..[You must always put them on a stretcher and take them back to the Hospital and then revive them there] You may revive on scene if there are at least 4+ bodies in the same area. No getting on EMS to heal yourself or friends this will be classed as FailRP. EMS Must use an Ambulance, with the allowed color. Ex: No driving black, yellow, green colored ambulances, this will result in a kick off the job. You may not be corrupt while on duty EMS may not be Police but they may be in the DOJ or Gang, not both.

Civilian Rules:

Civilians cannot use ANY government equipment. (Traffic Cones, Cars, Flashbangs, Attachments, Guns, etc.)

You may not talk in any form or use your cellphone whilst restrained (unless they didn't say they stripped your communications.

You cannot declare war against the police force, or any mass group that would result in violence or conflict.

You cannot use any medical equipment. (Basic medical bandages found in crafting are fine.)

You may not rob, threaten, or kill an officer if he is only detaining you, or performing a traffic stop. You must carry on the Roleplay from that situation until it ends, then you may initiate.

It is FailRP to do anything illegal to try and get police to chase you. This includes walking around with a weapon on your back, blowing red lights on purpose, randomly shooting around, making fake 911 calls.

It is FailRP to mug/rob a police officer.

If you initiate on a Police Officer you must announce what you are doing right away (Under 5 seconds). Ex: "You're being kidnapped." Initiating on any civilians doesn't require you to do this.

YOU MAY NOT HAVE A POLICE SKIN ON YOUR PERSONAL VEHICLE! you will be asked to go change it immediately!

Civilians may NOT help gangs.

Gang Rules:

You may not declare war on Law Enforcement

You may not rob a police officer (You are able to hold them hostage)

When you rob someone, you have to wait 10 mins to rob another person. This includes "gang initiation".

You may only intervene with a situation if your gang members have their gang vests or uniforms on. [Each Gang Member MUST Verbally Initiate UNLESS they are within eye view of the scenario and within hearing distance to hear the FIRST initiation take place]

You must wait 10 minutes before starting another priority.

Gang Alliances can be made if both gangs are legit(Example: Slaughter may not help Los Morales in Raiding, Robbing, Kidnapping, etc...)

Green Zones:


Police Department & Garage (Unless a Jailbreak is called)

Fire Station/EMS Station

Bank [The Sidewalk outside bank is NOT a green zone]

Car Dealer

Car Spawner


Gas Station (Unless a Robbery is called)

Grocery Store (Unless a Robbery is called)

Real Estate

Clothing Store

Electronic Store

Hardware Store

Tow Truck Spawn

Taxi Spawn

Bus Spawn

Mail Truck (UPS) Spawn

Sales Truck Spawn

Anywhere within a 25M radius of an NPC (There are some exceptions.)