Jay Vasari's TCSO Application


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September 11, 2020 at 12:01 AM

In-game Name:

Jay Vasari


V220-801-57-030-1 Age:



A little over a week

Do you have a mic?:


Do you have discord? (if yes, are you the the PS Discord?): Jaythecat8#4901; Yes Have you been arrested before? If so, how many times and what types of charges (Felony, Infraction, etc.): No When were you last arrested?: N/A What previous experience in law enforcement do you have?:

I was a Lieutenant and FTO Supervisor previously for TCSO

Why do you want to join the TCSO? (100 word min):

	The TCSO and it's other divisions are one of the most extensive and mature departments I've been apart of. There is no other department that comes close to it's capabilities. The TCSO has wonderful members and an understandable SOP almost anyone can understand it. The purpose in TCSO is to help the citizens of True North and keep the public safe as well as maintain order in the county. To be apart of this department is such and honor and privilege, I'm glad I was once apart of it. Though many of the officers might not still be around, I'd look forward to seeing many new faces walk through the door of the department.

What do you bring to the Sheriff's office? (100 word min):

I bring many abilities and necessities to the TCSO. I bring a sense of maturity to both my fellow officers and the citizens of True North. I also bring a sense of unbiased justice, something well needed in all departments and divisions. I bring the ability to follow instructions well, as well as give those instructions. Following SOP is one of my true strong suits and I feel like everyone should. I am able to over exceed in any division or situation I'm thrown in and provide help where I may be available. I think setting an example is just as good as being the lead example. 

What is your end goal/plan in the TCSO?:

Become apart of HC and be a loved part of the community.


On this day, 9/10/2020

I, Jay Vasari, hereby agree and acknowledge the following.

I can be removed or demoted at any time for any reason declared by the Sheriff or his administrative staff. I understand that if I preform any actions that poorly represent the TCSO I can and will be held responsible through disciplinary action. I am required to give a notice to any Command Staff if I wish to resign from the department I am not guaranteed any position or promotion within the TCSO


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September 11, 2020 at 11:54 AM

You may be able to be reinstated. Please message B3n#7214 on discord and join https://discord.gg/2GzEtW.